Top 7 politicians who hate each other, great atmosphere

We hear it in any good self-respecting PMU bar: “the politicos, anyway, they’re all rotten. » It’s a statement that everyone agrees on, including the politicians themselves who tend to shoot each other in the leg whenever they can. But hey, that’s the game, and they all do it wholeheartedly. On the other hand, some of them hate each other well beyond the game of politics if we are to believe the gossip spread from right to left. And I prefer to tell you honestly, I love gossip. In another life, I could have been a hairdresser or a pharmacist.

1. Olivier Veran and Jean-Michel Blanquer

This is the news of the last few days: Oliv ‘and JM would have fried before a council of ministers. The cause of the dispute is the messy situation of the moment and a Blanquer completely in the sauce who would try to blame his colleague. In short, the guys create a shitty atmosphere and are not ready to invite each other to their respective birthday parties.

2. Xavier Bertrand and Laurent Wauquiez

Why Wauquiez and Bertrand hate each other? Quite simply because Bertrand wanted to be an LR candidate for the presidential election without going through a primary and Wauquiez, the leader of the Republicans, decided that there would be a primary. But we have to believe that their mutual hatred goes back a few years already, since the two know that they are in competition to one day gain access to the presidency of the Republic. If I had to give my opinion – when absolutely no one asked me – I would say that I would like to see them fight in their underwear in the mud. I would put a small coin on Bertrand, who, despite being 10 years older, has solid support.

Since 2017, Xavier Bertrand and Laurent Wauquiez have only exchanged bird names. Today, a few months before the presidential election, they find themselves face to face.

Posted by JDD on Sunday, July 18, 2021

3. Emmanuel Macron and Manuel Valls

Emmanuel Macron doesn’t like Manuel Valls, and that’s probably what brings him closest to us, but he has more personal reasons for not sacking the former Prime Minister. It goes back to when the two were in government under François Hollande. In 2016, Valls had yelled at Macron in the Assembly, and the image had made the rounds of the media. And Macron, he is the vindictive type. Don’t piss him off. Suddenly, even today, if Valls tries to be buddy-buddy, he will send him to shit well as it should.

4. Edouard Philippe and Francois Bayrou

Bayrou occupied the center slot for years with his MoDem, so now that Philippe, who is more popular than him, has encrusted himself in the same area with his Horizon movement, well he has it a little tough. As a result, people say that they “cordially” hate each other. Basically, this means that they can ask themselves: “So Edouard, how did your New Year’s Eve go?” » while glaring at each other to mark the occasion.

5. Olivier Faure and Christophe Castaner

Before, the two were friends as pigs and were militant in the same camp. Since then, Castaner has followed Macron to become his interior minister and Faure has taken over as head of the PS. From there, they could still have remained good friends, but Faure decided otherwise the day he told everyone that Castaner was getting shabby in a nightclub. Obviously, it’s never fun, so Castaner cracked and swung in turn that he also knew Faure well for having “accompanied him in his divorces and separations”. Translation: Nor is Faure the last to get drunk when things aren’t going well, and things don’t go often. Obviously, all of this threw a chill. It’s sad a friendship that breaks anyway.

6. Rachida Dati and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

Here too, we are dealing with two old friends who ended up becoming rivals. It is NKM who would have betrayed Rachida Dati by coming to put herself in her paws for the candidacy for mayor of Paris in 2013. Since this low blow, the two have been sending spades to each other through the media all the time, and when Nathalie tried to come back to Rachida, the latter retorted a big fat: “you can die, I’m not talking to you”. You don’t need to be super savvy in human relations to understand that this is not the definition of “best friends”.

7. Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Jacques Chirac

Come on, we end up with past presidents on the other side who have never been able to see, feel or taste each other (and at the same time it would have been weird). The rivalry between VGE and Chirac lasted a long time from the time when the second was Prime Minister of the first. The two never agreed on anything and had to take it upon themselves to work together, but VGE took their rivalry to the next level in 1976. That year, while vacationing at Fort de Brégançon, he invited Chirac to dinner with his ski instructor. VGE and the first lady were seated in comfortable chairs, while Chirac, Bernadette and the president’s monitor were banging on rotten little chairs. Big humiliation for the great Jacques who resigned shortly after and never forgave. Finally, French politicians are just kids.

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