Top 7 of the worst photos of the largest battery farms in the world, it’s a dream

How better to start the week than by crying all the tears in his body in front of these awful photos? No, without kidding, I assure you that even if you are not a veggie (me neither, at the base), this top could make you reconsider your eating habits. SO NO, I’m not pushing anyone to stop eating meat. On the other hand, being a little more careful about the origin and the type of breeding is a small step towards better treatment of the animals. And believe me, it’s not luxury. Really.

1. The firm of Muyuan Foods in China

Opened in 2021, it can “””””house”””””” 84,000 sows at the same time. Converted over a year, around 2.1 million pigs are slaughtered there. That’s 10 times the size of an average US breeding center. Joy happiness.

2. The largest chicken farm in France, owned by LDC

Last February, the L214 association unveiled a series of surveys on intensive farming in France. She denounces the Le Gaulois brand (belonging to LDC), raising “a two-kilo chicken, on an A4 sheet”. The images turn the flop.

3. One of the largest rabbit farms in Brittany

Once again, it is the militant association L214 which denounces the treatment of rabbits in these factories. Here, it is in the Côtes-d’Armor that the images (difficult to sustain) are shot. 3,000 rabbits locked in tiny cages, giving birth to 200,000 young rabbits. On average, 25,000 rabbits are sent to the slaughterhouse every 4.5 months.

On images, we see young rabbits moving in the middle of dead animals, others in agony, piled up or stuck in grids…

Posted by 20 Minutes on Sunday, February 27, 2022

4. Dairy cow farms in the USA

In the USA, mega-farms beat sad records of cows piled on top of each other. Thousands of poor animals, without space or vegetation. Among the largest American mega-farms: Fair Oaks Farms, a dairy farm with 40,000 cows. Hell on earth.

5. …. But also in China and Saudi Arabia

China has one of the largest dairy farms in the world with no less than 100,000 cows. Not far behind, the “Almarai” in Arabia, with nearly 94,000 animals. Either way, it’s way too much.

6. Aqualande trout farms in France

In France, 180 million trout are produced every year. Among the leaders in the sector: Aqualande. L214’s images of the rearing conditions speak for themselves…

7. The Lichos duck farm, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

It is not the “biggest” place of avian exploitation in the world or even in France, but many of the worst horrors ever filmed by L214 (and reading this top, you realize that horrors… They have seen more than one!). I’ll let you go see the video if you have enough heart.

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