Top 7 of the worst declarations of Willy Schraen, the too nice president of the hunters

There are times when we are delighted to find rare nuggets of joy in the sadness of everyday life. For example when we start to make a top on the most frightening statements of the president of the National Federation of hunters and that by taking a look at his Wikipedia page we come across this extraordinary bio. We therefore hastened to keep it preciously (no doubt that this bio will be modified quickly).

Willy ok

1. “Nature is not for everyone”

But obviously she is still a little more to hunters than to others.

2. Walkers must “stay at home to avoid stray bullets”

Well let’s see. And then we will complain that Willy Schraen is a dangerous guy driven by the simple desire to kill animals and living beings in general.

3. “I don’t give a damn about regulating, we have fun in the act of hunting”

Well, there you go, at least it has the merit of being clear. It is true that one of the rare arguments in favor of hunting consists in saying that they regulate the species. Willy Schraen proves to us in good and due form that this is pure bullshit. For once we agree with him!

4. “Zero risk does not exist”

Once again we agree. Finally we are completely on the same wavelength with Willy: hunting is dangerous, and hunters can kill. What clairvoyance.

5. “A pair of skis can also be a deadly weapon”

And if we go that way, we can even say that a toaster is also a deadly weapon. A shower head too. And door handles, are we talking about door handles? Pfft. You did not understand anything, Willy Schraen just denounces the risks of daily mortality.

6. “Hunting, after all, is not dangerous”

No indeed Willy shines once again with the clarity of his words: hunting is not dangerous, it’s true. But just “in the background”. Outside the background it’s quite dangerous, that’s what he means the guy.

7. “We have a role to play in community policing”

So there I am yes. It’s true that we already have a little problem with the outbursts of violence with the police, if at least we have hunters to do the dirty work that will allow us to keep our honor except for the French police, YAY .

After several accidents in the forest, the leader of the hunters offers a partnership to the rural mayors. He imagines his troops in relay of the gendarmes to fight against environmental delinquency.

Posted by JDD on Saturday, November 13, 2021

Let’s take a walk in the woods while Willy Schraen isn’t there.

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