Top 7 most famous ego battles between rich people, those who are not afraid of ridicule

Honestly, being rich isn’t as crazy as you think. Well, I obviously don’t speak knowingly, because I have more CAF on the phone than my own mother, but when you see the stuff wasted by rich people, it’s not great envy. And petty squabbles between the rich over who has the biggest won’t help convince us that money makes you happy. Live like the poor, but be rich in heart as Kev Adams said.

1. Elon Musk et Jeff Bezos

As the documentary “Musk vs. Bezos: The New Star Wars,” the first and third biggest billionaires on Earth have been at war for years. Why ? Simply because they both want to be the first to conquer space, Musk with Space X, Bezos with Blue Origin. They don’t have time guys, the Earth is too low for them, they have to spend all their money on bigger things.

2. Elon Musk et Bill Gates

Yes, the founder of Tesla does not magnify one. The latter has indeed fallen out with Bill Gates because the founder of Microsoft had chosen to drive a Porsche Taycan instead of a Tesla. Yeah, Elon Musk likes to do big five-year-old poop every once in a while.

3. Louis XIV and Nicolas Fouquet

We are talking about the current billionaires who are a little tense on an ego level, but wait to find out what Louis XIV did a little offended. According to legend, on August 17, 1661, Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances to Louis XIV, invited the king to his new castle in Vaux-le-Vicomte. For the occasion, he goes all out: fireworks, a thousand-covered buffet, shows, water jets… The guy thinks he’s going to seduce the king, but nay: stung to the quick by this excessive generosity , Louis XIV ordered the arrest of Nicolas Fouquet a few days later. Then he seized the castle and had all the most beautiful objects transferred to his home, to Versailles, and to the Louvre Palace (yes, it’s dirty). Nicolas Fouquet ended his life in prison, all that for wanting to show off a bit with his money.

4. The Vanderbilt Sisters-in-Law

You want competition, you’ll get it: Alice Claypoole Vanderbilt and Alva Vanderbilt, wives of two brothers and influential 19th century American women, did everything they could to shoot each other. They have also tried to surpass themselves in the construction of their own house. While Alva was building Beacon Towers, a small castle by the beach, Alice was building The Breakers, a 70-room palace. Listen, if there’s a little money left, I’m not against a small mansion, huh, nothing too luxurious.

5. Katy Perry and a stranger who wanted a date with her boyfriend

During an auction for the victims of the Californian fires organized by herself, Katy Perry had a little ego crisis. The price offered for this auction was a date with Orlando Bloom, aka Katy’s guy. A beautiful price which explains why a woman therefore offered $20,000 to win the auction. But it did not please the singer too much, who realized that in fact, it was maybe not such a good idea as that. She outbid by bidding $50,000 and eventually won the auction. Apparently Katy was colder than hot that day.

6. Architects Severance and Van Alen

It’s not just 21st century billionaires who have little ego wars. Architects H. Craig Severance and William Van Alen hated each other for a while, which they carried over into their work for the tallest building in the world. Severance, which was building 40 Wall Street for banker George Ohrstrom, thought it had overtaken Van Alen, who was working on the Chrysler Corporation headquarters, by adding two more floors to the original plans for its construction. But that was without counting on the 38 m jib added by Van Alen. Well, in the end, it was the Empire State Building, built a year later, which became the tallest building in the world. All that for this.

7. Barbara Hutton et Doris Duke

Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton, two wealthy American women, both led fairly similar lives, but they had a few bad things to do in the 1930s. They regularly fought over guys to the point that Doris Duke flirted with the former husband of Barbara Hutton and that the latter was dating the ex-husband of Doris Duke (must follow). One day, Doris Duke even called Barbara Hutton’s jazz guy to offer him a symphony orchestra if he would date her. There are some who are ready to do a lot for ken all the same.

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