Top 7 Evidence That Gas Shortage Brings Out the Best in Humanity

Since the refiners have been on strike, there has been panic on board. Many petrol stations find themselves out of supply and the most savage behavior is quick to point the tip of their nose. If you still believe in humanity, this top should fulfill your last hopes.

1. Those who wasted no time siphoning off the gas pump

At the same time, it’s not to steal, it’s precisely to avoid queuing, guys. Frankly, it’s defensible.

2. This madman who stabbed a station customer to death just because he passed him

sordid? Certainly.

3. These guys who resell gasoline for 3.5e a liter on the sly

There’s no bad time to make a quick buck. Hat.

4. These guys who privatized their station by selling their own super expensive fuel

And if you’re not happy, your car gets stoned so it’s better to go straight.

5. Very pissed off people who use hammers

It’s an understatement to say that people are going crazy with this shortage story. A customer attacked the manager of a station with a hammer. Literally. When he could have just attacked her with a teaspoon.

6. These paramedics who are forced to give up certain errands

Obviously we are not blaming them. In a crisis situation they simply have no choice and have to make painful decisions to work at their best. Either way, it’s really reassuring. (source)

7. People who attempt weird trades

Like this ad Le Bon Coin where a man offers to exchange Amora mustard for SP95. Fortunately, some have retained their sense of humor.

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