Top 7 cursed or haunted places in Paris, its freaked out

You don’t believe in ghosts, curses and other supernatural phenomena? We will see. Today we are leaving for the capital and we are going to show you some places that would make the most rational of you tremble. For the others, those who already believe in it, take our advice and avoid these places. It will be better.

1. Erlanger Street

For many, this place is considered the most cursed street in Paris, and moving there can be a gateway to a shitty life (or death). So yes, this street in the 16th arrondissement is very pretty, with its big well-to-do shacks, but some bad things happened there. Already, Mike Brant died there in 1975, and we never knew if he had jumped from his balcony or if someone had pushed him. 6 years later, a Japanese man killed and then ate a Dutch student there (good atmosphere). And, in 2019, an intentional fire in a building caused the death of 10 people. That’s a lot for just one street.

2. 1 Avenue Frochot

The music composer Victor Massé died in this big mansion of multiple sclerosis in 1884, and 102 years later, it was the literary critic Mathiey Galey who breathed his last there because of multiple sclerosis. plates. Well. But the strangeness does not stop there, since a cleaning lady was allegedly murdered there, and Sylvie Vartan settled there for a few days before mysteriously fleeing and never setting foot there again. This address does not smell good at all.

3. The Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation

If you have read our top on the fire at the Charité bazaar, where 125 people lost their lives, know that we forgot to mention that the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Consolation, inaugurated in 1900, was erected right on the scene of the tragedy. In terms of bad vibes, it’s the equivalent of building a house on an old Indian cemetery. No wonder, then, that since the chapel opened, many visitors have reported hearing distressing noises and witnessing paranormal apparitions. We let you make your own opinion on the subject, but we will go our way.

4. The Witch’s Rock in Montmartre

The name of this passage would come from an old fountain, “la Sourcière”, which was there, but a legend also says that a witch lived in front of this big strange stone. This is more than likely false, but the fact remains that, for many, the place is now charged with a mysterious, even downright creepy atmosphere.

5. The Tuileries Garden and John the Flayer

In 1564, Catherine de Medici decided to turn the old tile factories on the banks of the Seine into a palace. Hence the name of the Tuileries. Only, fairly quickly, Catoche hated this place and stopped living there. Why ? Because, according to her, a ghost wearing a red suit haunted the palace and predicted to her that she would die near Saint-Germain. Weird, but the red man wouldn’t come out of nowhere. It would be Jean l’Ecorcheur, a butcher whom Catherine de’ Medici had murdered because he knew too many secrets about the crown. When dying, the Flayer would have promised his executioner that he would come back to haunt the queen. After the construction of the Tuileries, a legend then spread around the red phantom which would announce a drama to each person who saw it. And today everyone goes for a walk there without knowing that the Flayer is prowling there… Bunch of unconscious people.

6. The Opéra Garnier and the legend of the Phantom of the Opera

In 1873, during the fire at the conservatory in rue Le Peletier, a pianist’s face was burned, and his fiancée, an opera ballerina, lost her life. Bad luck. The pianist, now alone and disfigured, would then have decided to hide in the basements of the Opera Garnier which was still under construction. He would have lived hidden in the building until his death. The legend was born from the discovery of a corpse in the basement of the Opera in 1907. It was probably a victim of the Commune, but many preferred to believe in the legend of the famous ghost of the Opera, this cursed pianist who would haunt the place. His misdeeds: a stagehand found hanged, and a dancer found dead after falling. Not nice ghost.

7. The Catacombs

It is impossible to list all the strange stories attributed to the Catacombs, especially since some are only passed on by word of mouth between cataphile insiders. But know that a doorman of the place lost his life there in 1793 by getting lost in the galleries, and it has been said since the 18th century that a green man would walk there and haunt the place. Afterwards, in real life, if one day you go there, you will be more likely to come across beer corpses than human corpses. The disappointment can be immense.

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