Top 5 Best Whiskey Advent Calendars 2022

If you’re a big whiskey lover, this is the advent calendar for you. In most of them, 24 whiskey miniatures from all over the world to make you discover new horizons.

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Prix : from 89 at Eat Well

Calendrier lavent jack daniels

For early Jack Daniel’s fans.

Prix : from 109.99 chez

Calendrier avent whisky

A calendar that will suit whiskey lovers. Every day until Christmas, taste a flask of whiskey to become a true expert in the matter.

Prix : from 16.9 at Event Calendar

Calendrier lavent tout savoir whisky

In this calendar no whiskey but anecdotes about whiskey so that it has no more secrets for you. So yes, it’s probably a little worse than a calendar with flasks of whiskey in it, but it’s also cheaper.

Prix : from 147 chez Dugas Club Expert

Calendrier lavent whisky bibliotheque du whisky

Inside, 24 3cl bottles of Scotch, American, French, Irish, Japanese and Danish whiskies.

Prix : from 119.9 at La Vignery

Calendrier lavent whiskies

Discover the world of whiskey through the 24 miniatures of this calendar.

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