Top 45+ unusual activities in Annecy

Annecy is one of the top three most pleasant cities in France and we understand why! A giant playground where you will have incredible landscapes wherever you are and where you can get your fill of thrills. So that you don’t miss out on anything, because there really are a lot of great things to do there, we’ve made a selection of the best activities to do there. We are waiting for our postcard.

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Atelier pain biere

With this activity, sourdough and hops will no longer hold any secrets for you. So yes, baker and brewer, it’s not common. You will learn how to make your own bread and brew beer (150 liters all at once). And to finish, you will leave with your bread creation and your 3 liters of beer (you will have to come back a few weeks later if you want to taste your own vintage).

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Visite jardin botanique annecy

Lovers of fresh air and nature, this activity is for you! Located a few kilometers from Annecy, it is impossible not to stop by the floral workshop of Laetitia, producer and gatherer of aromatic and medicinal plants. Disconnect your GPS and climb to the top of the Aravis massif. On site, she will show you around her botanical garden as well as her daily activities.

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Broderie tshirt

Two hours are enough to understand the basics. And if you handle the needle well, you can block a slot to embroider the content of your choice (text, drawing) on ​​an organic cotton t-shirt.

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Cosmetique maison

Blush, solid shampoo, emulsion and serum for the face, Dianna (your cosmetics trainer) will teach you to recognize and dose natural ingredients to make your own beauty products.

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Atelier fleur seche

In crown, bouquet or under bell, here you will work the dried flowers or not. Nathalie is there to support us and explain the meaning of the flowers selected for the occasion.

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Atelier creation sac main cuir

You will have 3h30 of lessons with Aurélie to create your leather bag. Drawings of the bag, choice of colors and realization, it will be necessary to put to the hand!

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The activity will last 3 to 4 hours and you will be in the air for 45 minutes to 1h30. You will be amazed and you will have a view of the Semnoz Mountain, the Tournette, the Dents de Lanfon, the Aravis range and the Mont-Blanc Massif. Yes all that!

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Saut tremplin

It’s not a classic jump because here you jump from a springboard, hanging from a rubber band, on a bike, on foot or on a sled.

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Bubble foot

Equipped with a costume in the shape of a bubble, two teams of four players compete during a game of football. We advise you to wear light clothes because you will sweat a lot. And also to pay attention to your ankles.

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Vol parapente

You will go up to Col de la Forclaz by shuttle bus and fly for about 25 minutes over the mountains and Lake Annecy. And if you feel like it, you can also pilot the paraglider.

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Degustation specialites locales annecy

For two hours, a sommelier and a Meilleur Ouvrier de France will introduce you to the best products of the region with a wine and cheese tasting.

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Via ferrata annecy

30 minutes from Annecy, you will leave for nearly four hours of travel where you will be attached to a cable as close as possible to the mountain. We advise you to pass your turn if you are dizzy and for the others, we wish you good feelings!

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Stage survie milieu hostile 1

If you accept it, your mission is to put on a tribal leader’s costume. Cut off from the world, all the tricks are good to take to manage the vagaries of life in the middle of nature. After memorizing the basics of first aid, you also know how to handle fire and water like no one else. As for the content of your bowl, it is the quality of your traps that should play (or not) in your favor. At your own risk !

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Session archery tag tir arc version paintball

You don’t know this practice? To put it simply, it’s a mix between archery and paintball. A game lasts one hour and is played by 8 to 20 people.

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Survol lac annecy deltaplane

You fly over Lake Annecy, the city and the valley, from 10 to 45 minutes depending on what you choose.

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Topitruc canyoning

If you dream of waterfalls, discoveries of canyons or caves, you have come to the right place. The nearest canyoning exit is a good twenty minutes from Annecy and the descent takes about 3h30.

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Helico annecy

You will have the choice between several flights of different durations and different landscapes (tour of Lake Annecy, Mont Blanc, plains, etc.).

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Balade skateboard electrique annecy

Accompanied by an instructor, the packages last from 30 minutes to two hours. No need to get tired, you just have to get on the skateboard to move forward.

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After a half-hour initiation, if you feel like it and the weather is right, you can extend the experience during the day.

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Circuit segway annecy

After a quarter of an hour of basic explanation by a Segway doctor, we give you the protective equipment and off you go to go around Lake Annecy!

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Avion annecy

Is there a pilot on the plane? Well yes, it’s you!
Once you’ve seen Lake Annecy from the lake and from the mountain, it would be a shame to miss the view from the sky! Meet at Annecy Haute Savoie Mont Blanc Airport for a breathtaking 15-30 minute flight.

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Saut parachute mont blanc

We warn you, you will not jump over the lake and you will have to drive a bit since the jump will be in Megève (approximately 1h10 drive). Ah, and you’ll be jumping out of a helicopter and not out of a plane. But it will be beautiful.

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Topitruc motoneige

Because Annecy is not just limited to its lake, we suggest you make a detour there during the winter season. You can walk between the slopes and the forest after the slopes are closed and when you’re done, you can go and regain your strength in a Savoyard chalet.

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The best way to visit Annecy in an original way. Everything will happen on a dedicated application, everyone can go there at their own pace and you will learn more about the city in a fun way.

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Lancer hache

Charles Ingalls just has to hold on. After at least an hour, you can perk up around a Savoyard fondue or a good pizza.

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Kohlanta epreuve

If you’ve always wanted to be on the show but never made it, this is the activity for you. After gathering at least six friends brave enough to come and challenge you, you have a slot of one or two hours to do between three to ten events. In the end, only one will remain!

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Sortie luge ete

Do you usually do it in the winter? Yes but no… To really have fun, you have to wait for sunny days and go to the resort of Semnoz (25 minutes from Annecy).

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Initiation speleologie environs annecy

Put on your suit, your helmet, your knee pads and your harness and rush to discover the surrounding caves. Don’t panic, the instructor will allow you to dodge places that are too difficult to access and will adapt according to your level.

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An outing of 30 minutes to one hour from Annecy (in Bauges Margeriaz precisely). You will discover the Alps with a pack of dogs, all guided by a musher.

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Bapteme plongee lac annecy

For 20 minutes, you will learn how to manage underwater and you will discover everything that hides in the lake.

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There are several kinds of ULM and the one we offer you looks like a mix between a hang glider and an airplane. You fly up to 100km/h for 20 to 40 minutes, to discover all the corners of Lake Annecy.

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Sortie randonnee annecy

If you don’t feel like going alone or if the hike looks a little complicated, the best thing is to go with a guide. Annecy Mountain Guides offers hikes of different durations and different themes.

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Atelier immersion bootcamp militaire

Dip, step, pull-ups, does that speak to you? Supervised by a coach, this obstacle course takes place in the heart of nature and promises to make you sweat.

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Parcours accrobranche

There are several courses depending on your level and your ability not to freak out. And the big positive point is the incredible view of Lake Annecy.

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Sortie hydrospeed france

If you are not afraid to face the most famous rapids in the area, this activity is for you. For two hours, you will alternate moments of zen attitude and others where you drink the cup.

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Sortie rafting annecy

Installed in an inflatable boat, the adrenaline goes up a notch. Armed with your paddle, only the elbow grease and the support of your friends will be necessary to “face” this hour of descent of the Dranse.

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Balade bateau

Whether for a private reception or simply for lazing around, this ship can accommodate 6 people for half an hour to two hours, and above all, you will not need the permit.

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Bapteme apnee lac annecy

The expert will teach you the basics of his discipline and after a few breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises, you will gradually manage to let yourself go.

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Escape game annecy

Divided into four adventures, you can take part in it with two or a maximum of six. And given the complexity of the courses, you will have to gather the brains of those around you.

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Sortie escalade salle annecy

At the session or by selecting a monthly or annual package, come face the multiple obstacles of this indoor wall. If you feel peckish after your session, know that you can refuel on site. And every Tuesday, the center invites you to come and attend high-flying evenings where enthusiasts meet to discuss.

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Sortie catamaran evjf

A two-hour cruise where you can be up to 12 people and where you can bring food and drink.

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Kayak annecy

Alone or in tandem, an excellent way to enjoy Lake Annecy from every angle.

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Activite pedalo annecy

Whether your walk is romantic or a delirium between friends, you can walk for a maximum of four hours on Lake Annecy. And for more fun, you can also take the slide option.

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Laser game vr

Four ten-minute sessions where the goal is to knock out as many opponents as possible.

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Initiation kitesurf

For two times three hours, you will learn to handle your wing and then to tame this famous board.

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Ski joering annecy

Sticks are has been. Here you can ski… with a horse! Yes yes, you will really get pulled by a horse. The outing lasts an hour or half a day and is located in La Feclaz (one hour from Annecy).

Prix : from 55 at Activ’Annecy

Sortie ski nautique

In initiation or improvement, you will be guided by a teacher and you will be able to surf the waves… of the boat. Yes because on a lake, the waves are a bit limited.

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