Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #444

Hi little friends, here we go again for another week of fun with us! But above all, we debrief last week thanks to the best funny and scathing tweets from our internet friends. It was not an easy week between the stories of rapist youtubeurs and the Americans who lose fundamental rights but fortunately, we stick together to face all of this.


1. Possible to melt cheese on my forehead as well

2. Best friends laugh at your misfortune.

3. Here we ONLY get tuna delivered


4. They deserve it

5. 10 years ago I had coke all night long with a guy I had just met and never seen again, until this morning when he came to install my kitchen tiles. at 8 o’clock

6. Did I really “kill” my plant? or did she just not have what it took to survive in this world?


7. Want to file a complaint

8. It deserves a report on the app

9. They must have been too disgusted

10. Salam….. the hoyas…..

12. We say nothing to keep some mystery

13. They are no longer ashamed of anything


14. Always the Same

15. A little love on the road

16. It’s obviously next


17. It always hurts

18. Nah but it’s crazy, they don’t care about the world!

19. And one, and two, and three rapists

20. Yum yum good gargamol

21. Imagine being a hostess from there among the bastards


22. And the pill would be a vaccine to do once a year

23. In fact, we are all dogs in the car in the middle of God’s dodger.

24. It must have been a real threat back then.

25. They want our extinction for sure

26. Need a Jul Tower Vacation

27. They are weird people


28. People who use their passport to get into clubs really aren’t afraid of anything.

29. Tema the beautiful hair

30. These same people who say “don’t sleep if you don’t want to get pregnant” and believe in a religion based on the story of a woman who got pregnant without sleeping.

Alright, that’s all for today guys. Ciao

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