Top 30+ gifts for guitarists and guitar fans, for those who have passion at their fingertips

Whatever people say, guitarists deserve all the respect in the world because their instrument remains difficult to tame. Well, I go back to what I said because the beach guitarists who take out theirs at every campfire (besides you never know from where seriously??) or the pseudo rock stars who burst with (or without) charisma their umpteenth guitars to show that they too have a big pair of… doesn’t count for me. However, if you did not recognize yourself in these last two categories, this top is dedicated to you or dedicated to the person who deserves a small gift in connection with his sweet passion.

Prix : from 16.5 at HGuitar

Des cours de guitare en ligne

And because at HGuitare they are nice, you have 7 days of lessons offered. Enough time to know if it’s your thing or not.

I hope I woke up the Jimi Hendrix in you and that your guitar is already out of the closet.

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