Top 30+ gift ideas for someone who has everything

You have this friend who is always up to date with everything: the latest smartphone, the latest TV, the latest pair of shoes, crazy decor, the most stylish gadgets, in short, he has EVERYTHING. And when his birthday comes (about once a year), it’s always hell when you have to look for a gift idea that he doesn’t already have and that will make him happy. But thanks to us, the hassle is over, we’ve listed a bunch of gift ideas so you don’t give him something he already has. Oh by the way, independently in the top I say “he” or “she” (“he” for “this someone” and “she” for “this person”, no discrimination here!)

Prix : from 39 chez Wecandoo

Wecandoo 1

To (finally) do something with his hands. Gender, pottery, cheese, sewing, flower arranging….

Prix : from 95 chez Wecandoo

Atelier fabrication parfum 1

She may have everything but a unique smelling perfume. Here is a workshop for her to create her own perfume with her own smell.

Prix : from 37.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Carnet reutilisable

He can note his future list of gifts on it, it will save you the hassle of coming to Topito next time.

Prix : from 39 at La Boit’Apéro

Une box apero

This box is an opportunity to have an aperitif every month with good French local products.

Prix : from 29 chez Cultur’in the City

Un coffret spectacle 5 10 places cest toi qui choisis 2

We hope he hasn’t seen everything given that there are more than 1200 shows to see throughout France and this, valid for 3 years.

Prix : from 149.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Boitier ciel etoile

To contemplate the stars from your sofa without even leaving your home. Anyway with the light pollution we see nothing.

Prix : from 19.9 at Maestro Gift

Poster cases 100 choses avant de mourir 3

Because she always says she doesn’t know what to do with her weekends, here’s the challenge she can take on today. Will she manage to scratch everything?

Prix : from 34.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Biere opoly monopoly picole 1

The monopoly that swells us, here is the improved version which will allow him to booze at the same time.

Prix : from 139 at The Refiners

Une mini cheminee de bureau 1

The winter is going to be harsh and this person does not have a chimney at home. Ah ah, so she doesn’t have everything! Here is the way to keep her warm, both outside and inside.

Prix : from 25.95 at La Box Fromage

Box fromage meilleur ouvrier france

Each month he will be spoiled with a cheese box delivered directly to his mailbox. The cheeses are selected by Bernard Mure Ravaud, World Champion cheese maker and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Prix : from 149.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Lampe glaciere connectee

The most 3-in-1 object of all time, to go picnicking in your garden.

Prix : from 19.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Jeu bois tour infernale gages

Here is the game he will not be able to do without: drinking Jenga to spice up his evenings.

Prix : from 12.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Bouilllote lama

Because it’s both warm and super cute, what more could you ask for in winter?

Prix : from 14.95 at L’Avant Gardiste

Bombes chocolat chaud

To change chocolate into powder, with extra marshmallows, it’s the surprise that will please chocolate lovers.

Prix : from 35 at The Refiners

Pot plante intelligent

He kills all his plants and for good reason, he never waters them (or too much). Here is the smart pot that will never kill its plants. For his happiness and that of his monstera.

Prix : from 19.9 at Le Petit Ballon

Box vin le petit ballon 2

This person may have everything, but she never says no to a little booze. With this box, little risk of being next to the plate.

Prix : from 20 at The Refiners

Objet predit temps

Because he likes to talk about the weather, here is the object that predicts the weather, much more stylish than watching it on your phone.

Prix : from 19 at Le Beau Thé

Sachet the personnalisation

You can add a message, a photo, something that comes from you, it’s sure he doesn’t already have it.

Prix : from 15 at Petit Cube

Cadeau petit cube 2

Here is the perfect gift for those who are out of inspiration. You can personalize the little cube with photos, messages and add small gifts inside.

Prix : from 12.9 at Better Than Flowers

Bam box ballon confettis cadeau personnalise 3

As you have no ideas, the Bam Box will take care of it for you. A box from which comes a balloon filled with confetti and surprises inside.

Prix : from 23.9 at Kube

Box lecture personnalisee la kube 2

To put a little culture in his life. Every month, he will receive a book selected by a bookseller according to his tastes.

Prix : from 45 at Cuvee Privee

Coffret adopter vignes recevoir son vin

The box will allow him to adopt his vines and receive his own wine. So she had it?!

Prix : from 20.9 at The Refiners

Plantes immergees fioles

Because it’s super pretty, it changes and it lasts over time.

Prix : from 19.97 at Saveur Beer

Box bieres monde

Every month, he will receive his beer box from around the world to discover new flavors without leaving home.

Prix : from 29.9 at Better Than Flowers

Batterie externe corgy

If she already has everything, she never has a battery and it starts to be damn boring. No more excuses for not answering text messages.

Prix : from 39.9 at The Refiners

Set raclette bougie

Because you’re lazy to plug in the huge raclette machine, especially when you’re solo and want to eat a raclette, it’s the essential accessory for those who love melted cheese (or even summer if they like).

Prix : from 14.9 at My Little Green Corner

Box jardinage mon petit coin vert

Come on, get to work! Here is finally a box that will allow him to take care of his vegetable garden with love.

Prix : from 29.9 at Gourmibox

Gourmibox bouche

Every month he will receive directly at his home a box filled with delicacies to discover. Do not panic, we are talking about sweet AND salty, there will be something for everyone.

Prix : from 10 at Funbooker


She may not have done everything. Browse the site and find the activity that will satisfy this person who gives you a hard time in his gifts.

Prix : from 3 chez

Unes shopping insultes

Your friend only speaks in insult, it’s time to upgrade his level with the forgotten swear words. Vulgar yes, but old fashioned.

Prix : from 7.68 check Etsy

Plaid maille geant

To have a pretty soft and knitted plaid, it will be prettier than your old stinky plaid.

Prix : from 20 at Starface

Chaussette perso

So this one we promise you he won’t have it. Unless he’s a complete fan of you and then you can start freaking out.

Prix : from 35.9 check Etsy

Planche apero penis

Here is an object that will cause a sensation at the aperitif. Ideal to be seen well by the parents-in-law.

So you have found your happiness?

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