Top 30 funniest tweets about the death of Twitter, #RIPTwitter

Cover your ears, cover your eyes, the following is very scary: Twitter is probably going to shut down. The fault of Elon Musk who bought the social network at the end of October 2022 to fire people and do anything big. As a result, many Twitter employees are currently resigning in protest, which is quite compromising for the survival of our favorite social network. And who says end of Twitter also says end of top tweets (you have the right to burst into tears). It’s a shame because we loved following the failure of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and the Third World War with you. But if fate wills it, we’ll meet again, we promise.

1. How do we do it?

2. We’ll see each other again, huh?

3. Can’t wait for us all to meet there

4. What are we going to become?

5. Me looking one last time at my three followers as Twitter is about to shut down

6. I would have liked to live this so much

7. I know someone who would be happy

8. My books staring at me while Twitter dies

9. Close your eyes and everything will be fine

11. Return to Léa Passion

12. It should have been Facebook

13. For one last night of fun, please

14. I touch you!

15. Twitter can’t die, we haven’t had Spotify recap day yet

16. They deserve all our respect

17. Me and my friends trying to figure out how Pinterest works

18. In the Greatest of Calms

19. History keeps repeating itself

20. All The Way

21. Hello Madame, can Julien come out and play with us tonight?

22. The mood on Twitter today

23. Back to basics

24. I stay on Twitter until I get a message like this on my screen: “Connection lost, thanks for playing Club Penguin. Waddle!”

26. Forever In Our Memories

27. I tell you about a time that people under 20 cannot know

28. Elon when he becomes the only employee at Twitter headquarters

29. This is the real nightmare

30. We can even give him freebies

Well listen, see you next week for a top on the best LinkedIn posts, huh…

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