Top 30 funniest tweets about breakfast, the best meal of the day

What could be better than starting your day by jumping out of bed to snack on cereal in front of today’s cartoons in your pajamas? Not much, I assure you. Except maybe earning 5 million euros while we sleep and seeing the Mayans come back to life to tell us what they think of our civilization. But in the meantime, we can just enjoy our cornflakes at the Nesquik quietly.

1. Afterwards, isn’t this the best way to have breakfast?

2. Bon appetit

3. Just, how do those who stretch in the morning??

5. It’s dreamy

6. And that’s not dreaming at all

7. Or the last stage of laziness

8. Best day of the year

9. They look smart for kids

10. Everyone has their own nutrients after all

11. Popular opinion: breadcrumbs in bed make your feet scratchy

12. Yum, Reblochon soaked in coffee

13. Stop it right now

14. She said the terms

15. She’s not wrong, sugar is bad before eating

16. It’s worth getting up at 7 a.m.

17. No desire to enjoy their existence in these people

18. Even without breakfast, I still always arrive late

19. As long as it’s not an onion

21. Bowl of milk before going to bed, what a life

22. Siri, help

23. They deserve

24. Hot chocolate >>> everything

25. Or Valérie Pécresse who shouts “DEBOUUUT”

26. My life is completely in question

27. If only I could have made a literary commentary on this text in high school

28. It’s Priceless

29. And we’re not going to do anything at all

30. Voilà

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