Top 26 of the funniest tweets on the philo 2022 baccalaureate, I think therefore I write

In the West, there is a saying that says “The baccalaureate in philosophy is to the final year what depilation of the sif is to life”, that is to say something painful, not necessarily necessary and that we do not does not always succeed well. The final year students passed this terrible test today, which gave rise to very good tweets on the subject (subject, test, lol you have it?). Come on, don’t cry, if you said “The audacity is that” you can only have 20, necessarily.

Before the test



During the test




After the test

No, but don’t stay there stressing about whether you will pass your baccalaureate or not: just take our quiz What mark will you have in the baccalaureate to spend your best next few weeks.

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