Top 25 Worst Neighbors in Human History

Do you also have that boring neighbor who holds your leg whenever he can to talk to you about how to fold the boxes and how to position the mats? The one who leaves the worst words of neighbors in the building? That’s a great classic. He pisses you off a lot, and you would probably like to see him move to the other side of the country, but tell yourself that this Sunday nuisance is only a lesser evil compared to the neighbors we are about to show you. They are the dregs of humanity, they are the worst, and you can consider yourself lucky not to know them.

1. This neighbor who didn’t understand the principle of “taking out the trash”

2. This neighbor who forgot to meddle in his ass

“Hello neighbour, I couldn’t help noticing that your ‘son’ doesn’t look like you! Interesting…I don’t think it’s possible for you to have had a white baby. Please send proof of ownership to my number below or I will call the police! Thanks 🙂 ”

3. This teenage neighbor who smoked in scred and burned part of the garden with his cigarette butt

4. This neighbor who made a remarkable arrival by moving like a badass

5. This neighbor who has taken a passion for repairing motorhomes and is blocking half the road

6. This neighbor who steals from his vulnerable neighbors

“Whoever steals bird feeders, please stop. I am isolated and in a population at risk. When I feel alone, the birds do me a world of good, it’s one of the things that keeps me going. »

7. This neighbor who steals parcels

“Amazon delivery service sent me a picture of my package on the neighbors porch. I asked my neighbor if he had accidentally received my package. He replied, “No, I haven’t seen it. » »

8. This neighbor who can’t park properly in his parking spot

9. This neighbor who fired a shot in the middle of an argument and almost killed his neighbor

10. These neighbors who all get together to make the neighborhood gross

11. This neighbor who leaves his “security” light on 24 hours a day.

12. These neighbors who burn their car with garbage in it

13. This mini-neighbor who decided to decorate your car

14. This stupid neighbor who puts hot coal in his trash can

15. This neighbor who couldn’t stand having a new fence put up to stop him snooping and who decided to install a spy camera

16. This neighbor who didn’t pay the man who took care of his garden and ended up with a nice gift in front of his house.

17. This neighbor to whom you kindly lend your garage so that he can repair his truck and who leaves it to you like this

18. That neighbor who stole the crib you ordered for your newborn.

19. This neighbor who has a (long) list of people who are not welcome at his doorstep.

20. These neighbors who have too many flies (and probably a corpse) in their house

21. These neighbors who partied and decided to hide your trampoline

22. Those neighbors who dump their trash in front of your van every day

23. This curious neighbor who looks out your window when you don’t answer the door.

24. These neighbors who prefer to throw their garbage from the balcony rather than take it to the dumpster

25. This neighbor who figured out how to lower his electricity bill (and raise the copro’s)

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