Top 25 worst bedrooms in the history of mankind

If you have been following us for many years, you have already been able to admire with emotion our tops on the worst rooms in the house: the worst toilets, the worst kitchens, the worst living rooms, etc. Well imagine that at the editorial office, thinking we had covered the subject, we almost choked with surprise when we realized that we had completely forgotten to take care of the ugly rooms. Here is a fabulous selection of rooms, each more hideous than the other, rooms in which you wouldn’t even be able to sleep a wink. You’ll see, it’s a nightmare.

1. I have nothing against believers, but I wouldn’t be very comfortable there

2. Dust mite paradise

3. You better not go home drunk

4. The perfect bed to invite your crush to scare him/her away

5. This photo smells of 8-6 and cold tobacco.

6. They are all possessed by the demon, it has to be

7. Not the kind of bed you take an invigorating nap in

8. You gotta have a lot of faith in this piece of wood

9. What’s cool is that it doesn’t take up too much space

10. This bed that makes you feel like you’re already on the other side

11. Another idea of ​​comfort

12. If you ever wake up there, a psychopath wants to play a game with you.

13. Excuse me, what year is it?

14. Even with a good mattress I don’t go there

15. The decor that stinks, literally

16. Even the sheets are disgusting, it’s not possible

17. Cute and Functional

18. Looks like people died in this bed

19. Anxiety finally has a face. Finally, a bedroom.

20. 12 children have already been eaten by this bed

21. For people who like to wash right after opening their eyes

22. And it’s the big return of dust mites that we didn’t miss

23. Reserved for REAL romantics who know how to love ok??

24. I fell in love with this bedding set

25. And we end on a beautiful bedroom in preparation

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