Top 25 things we all did in elementary school, the good old days

But the primary, what a time my little friends! The one where we read Ratus or any other course book we all had in class, where we could sleep in on Wednesday mornings and where dictation scared us more than tax slips. If we clearly did not all have the same education (unless you all spent a few years at Maurice Ravel in the 49), there are things that any self-respecting primary school pupil has done during of his time at school. If this is not the case, you must go back through the CP box. It is the rule.

1. Play ponies

Which basically consisted of galloping across the whole yard whinnying. We knew how to have fun back then.

2. Locking his friends in the toilet

The joke got even more hilarious when you pretended you were gone. It is certainly from this period that our sharp humor dates.

3. Dip your bread in water

Good soup.

4. Send misspelled words of love to your lover

Often based on songs heard on the radio that morning. I let you imagine the face of the teachers when they currently discover statements straight from Kendji’s album. C tro bo love.

5. Cut strands of hair for no reason

If you were wondering why you had ugly 3cm bangs in CE1, ask your memories. Your desire to capture the attention of your classmate Victor is perhaps the cause.

6. Drink water while breathing very hard between two parts of a wolf hit

Like you just ran three marathons. Never drink from the same glass as a kid. Never.

7. Only put on the hood of your coat

To have a nice cape and be the most stylish person in the playground.

8. Write your first name with flowers or hearts instead of the dots on the I’s

The interest was all the greater if you did it on a Diddl sheet.

9. Look at his age under his glass in the canteen

Shouldn’t be too old otherwise you would look like a big sucker. Like when you want to go clubbing after 30 years in fact.

10. Sniff Cleopatra glue

A thousand times better than smelling your buddy Emma’s fruit-scented markers.

11. Wear your backpack at elbow level and walk around with the bag open

Just to look like someone who has a social life outside of class and who is above all that. And then it sometimes gave the impression of having notebooks a little lighter on the back.

12. Have a secret club

Like club Dragon Ball Z or Castors Juniors. Access to the club was even more coveted with a coded alphabet. Those who know, know.

13. Know all the hand games by heart and repeat them in a loop going faster and faster until death ensues

Come on, admit it, you too still know the words to “three little cats”, I know it.

14. Get married and divorced on the same day

Must say that it was sometimes exhausting to have three women and four men to manage on a daily basis.

15. Stick an April Fool’s joke on the director’s back and believe he didn’t catch it.

The guy has had back insensitivity for 20 years, he had to feel nothing, anyway it’s not as if he knew it was April 1st, huh…

16. Crying for ending up on the wall at recess

Only the elite went to the wall and not to the picket (yeah I had a rough time, it shaped who I am today).

17. Put on your coat by spreading it on the floor

But the best were still those who put on their jacket leaving the hood hanging on the coat rack.

18. Go swing your friends at the master / mistress

Yeah, we were big pokaves at the time and friendship had no value for us. There are no friends who hold.

19. Play mom and dad

If you didn’t get angry with your buddies for making the baby, then you didn’t really go to primary school, that’s it.

20. Having a crush on a CM2

They were more mature than the CE2s at the same time, those big kids.

21. Turning around very quickly to get dizzy

You could also choose the duo option by holding hands until one of the two let go and broke their teeth against the tiling of the courtyard. We lived for danger back then.

22. Put his foot to block the door when his friend went to the bathroom because we were afraid to lock

Maybe I still do that today… Maybe…

23. Spend all of his parents’ salary at the fair to get a gun and participate in the general water fight

No choice, you knew you couldn’t last two minutes with a simple bottle of water against your opponents.

24. Learn to do a bunny with your gloves

Personally I still haven’t understood, if someone can be kind enough to explain to me in the comments.

25. Getting over it

Come on admit it, we all went through the old spare clothes one day. It’s a mandatory step in building a child anyway.

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