Top 25 Photoshop Fails That Would Almost Make Art

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for editing images to create beautiful alternate realities (or bullshit montages), but every once in a while it goes wrong. Not everyone is good at it, so editing mistakes happen regularly. Most of the time it’s ugly, but once in a while these mistakes are so beautiful that they should be elevated to works of art and displayed in museums where viewers can admire them by throwing ” well, it slams. »

1. Either she has very long legs or this whale has a tiny body

2. A “pro” asked $200 for this touch-up, and I think it’s beautiful

3. He erased his ex-wife with Paint, and I see nothing but fire

4. The article “13 SHOCKING MUTANT ANIMALS OF CHERNOBYL” will never win the Pullitzer, but it wins my admiration

5. He lost a lot at the gym and it shows

6. “A terrified dog left alone with a hungry lion, that’s what happens…”

7. This pooch’s teeth remind me of my grandmother’s beautiful teeth floating in an aqueous solution.

8. It’s a half-winter, half-summer, half-mythos season

9. These “15 Extreme Wild Animal Fights” Look Realistic

10. It’s so badly done that it looks like Dali

11. When you search for a cat carrier on Amazon you can come across this cat that looks like a prostitute

12. Attack of the Campers

13. The class to have such a young Lambo

14. “30 Dangerous Bridges You Should Avoid Taking”

15. Poor little thing, she has no body

16. This is how light reflects across the equator

18. I believe in it like I believed in Santa Claus

19. Is it a vat of acid or what?

20. He’s super good in rubiks cube but bad in photoshop

21. He can file a complaint against his parents

22. It makes you want to wear Bermuda shorts to go and experience la vida loca in Losère

23. This leopard has dog

24. It’s surreal and it’s beautiful

25. This kid has an amazing flow.

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