Top 25 photos of first times in history, defining moments

You all remember your first times: first kiss, first apartment, first car, first armed robbery (no, that, maybe not), but it’s probably nothing historic, except for yourselves. Today, on the contrary, we show you exceptional first times which have been immortalized by photography and which have become testimonies of History. We warn you, it does a little something.

1. The first time this child saw a television, in a shop window in 1948

2. The first successful flight with a powered airplane in 1903

3. A Frenchman who tasted Coke for the first time in the 1950s

Coca-Cola only arrived in France in 1950.

4. Channel Tunnel workers meeting in 1990 after digging their part of the tunnel

This is, suddenly, the first time that Britain is connected to Europe by “land”.

5. Blind children touching a (stuffed) cat for the first time in 1981

6. The very first computer in 1945 in Pennsylvania

7. The first hard drive delivered by IBM in 1956

It could only hold 5MB of data, or 2 or 3 actual photos, or a bit more than a .mp3 song. This is little.

8. A family reunited for the first time in front of a television in Burgundy in 1962

9. Soviet peasants listen to the radio for the first time in 1928

10. A child born deaf who hears a sound for the first time through a hearing aid in 1963

11. A Papuan seeing a white man for the first time in 1930

The Papuans thought until then to be the only living people in the world.

12. Women queuing in Auckland to vote for the first time in 1893

New Zealand is the first country to have adopted universal suffrage (well done to them). In comparison, first time level for women in France, we are very late.

13. American women voting for the first time in 1920

14. African Americans queuing to vote for the first time in Alabama in 1966

The right to vote had only been granted to them a year earlier.

15. The first time an airplane landed on a ship in 1911

16. Men who see a camera for the first time in Istanbul in 1923

The photo was obviously colorized, at the base it was black and white as you can imagine.

17. The first time the Olympic rings were displayed, in Antwerp in 1920

18. Russian peasants receiving electricity for the first time in 1920

Colorized photo, tmtc.

19. Khrushchev and Nixon tasting Pepsi for the first time in 1959

20. A young Soviet man buying Fanta for the first time in 1979

21. An Aborigine and his son first used a telephone in 1980

22. A group of men learn to use condoms for the first time in Papua 2009

23. The first time the Earth was photographed from the Moon in 1968 by astronaut William Anders

Yes yes, 1968: it was Apollo 8, the first orbital flight around the Moon. Unlike Apollo 11, the craft did not land on the lunar ground.

24. Two women in shorts in public space for the first time in Toronto in 1937

All the men were turning in their path and a car accident even took place because of a distracted driver.

25. The first time a president (Eisenhower) rode in a helicopter in 1957

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