Top 25 of the funniest photos taken in supermarkets, a top on sale

Except for the clever ones who have opted for grocery delivery, the supermarket is a mandatory step, and, let’s face it, EXTREMELY RELOADED. We know absolutely no one who says loud and clear: ” shopping ? But I LOVE it, it’s really my little pleasure of the week! » No, it doesn’t, since supermarkets are boring places where nothing cool happens. Well, almost nothing. Sometimes, funny things happen there, and fortunately some people had the good reflex to take pictures of them to prove it to us.

1. Someone made a real decision here

2. Here too (but it’s still a little less impactful)

3. This is downright a miracle that took place

4. The caterpillar, for shopping while having fun

5. The guys are very honest about the price hike

Before: $6.64 / After: $9.84

6. When the supermarket is dog-free

7. They pray to the god of gaming

8. Do not take it in front of the foie gras section

9. We should all walk around with a bag of sugar on our heads.

10. Handcuffs, whipped cream… we all see where they’re coming from

11. And that’s just the beginning my little…

12. Valentine’s Day essentials: chocolates and condoms

13. Even when there is a shortage, the vegan section remains intact

14. A Great Promo

“4 for $5” but at the same time “Limited to 3 items per person”

16. A small play area for children, it’s all cute

17. Best place to take a quiet siesta

18. Looks like someone is having a great day.

19. Freddy Krueger does his OKLM shopping before going to haunt someone’s dreams

20. Punished for forgetting to buy milk, eggs and cheese. Severe, but fair.

22. Looks like we’re kidding ourselves

“Due to unforeseen supply issues, avocados are currently unavailable. »

23. There was a bug in the Matrix

24. A very realistic beer ad

25. “Frozen vegetables” (or almost)

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