Top 25+ Gift Ideas for Cotton Weddings

Here it is, your one year of marriage, your cotton wedding anniversary and of course, you are looking for a gift. In order to celebrate it with dignity, we looked for wedding anniversary gifts to please him. So be careful, it’s only cotton weddings, we’re not going to invest in something too expensive either, huh. You’ve only been married for a year, we’ll see every 10 years for the rather expensive gifts.

Prix : from 29 chez Cultur’in The City

Coffret cadeau one man show topito 1

Here is the box that will allow your other half (and you too, a priori) to go see their favorite comedian. A moment for two to celebrate your cotton wedding together.

Prix : from 20 chez Wecandoo

Atelier cuvee vin

Your cotton wedding is an opportunity to mark the occasion with wine that he or she has made with his or her hands, perfect to celebrate your 1 year of marriage.

Prix : from 20 chez Wecandoo


It’s been a year since you got married and you discovered that he/she absolutely didn’t know how to choose wine and that you drink wine with every meal. Here is a subtle way to finally train him/her in oenology. A great cotton wedding gift, better now than 30 years from now.

Prix : from 35.9 at Monsieur T-Shirt

T shirt personnalise votre moitie

For cotton weddings, we expect a little attention, nothing grandiose but something that is still pleasing. This personalized t-shirt ticks all the boxes for the right little gift.

Prix : from 59 chez Wecandoo

Cours initiation oenologie 1

Because you are still making tasteless gin to, here is the gift that will make him or her king/queen of cocktails and drink delicious cocktails to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary.

Prix : from 39 chez Wecandoo

Wecandoo 1

If you are looking for an original gift for your cotton wedding, you can choose a workshop from the Wecandoo selection.

Prix : from 95 chez Wecandoo

Atelier fabrication parfum 1

Here is an original gift to create a perfume in his image or rather his smell, just to mark your cotton wedding.

Prix : from 30 at Le Slip Français

Anniversaire noce de coton

You can put the little nickname of your half on panties or briefs, a rather cool and cute gift to celebrate cotton weddings (and that rhymes).

Prix : from 36 check Etsy

Cloche coton verre

Because you take everything at face value, what better cotton wedding gift than a bell with literally cotton in it? Plus you can customize it, too cute.

Prix : from 39 at La Boit’Apéro

Une box apero

Because even after 1 year of marriage, the aperitif is still sacred for you, here is the box that will please both of you. Your cotton wedding is the perfect excuse to taste delicious local French products.

Prix : from 35 at Monsieur TShirt

Bouteilles vin personnalisees

To taste it together without him/her noticing that you have taken eco wine, it’s only your cotton wedding, you don’t need to ruin yourself, he/she will wait 10 years for the Grand Cru .

Prix : from 37.9 at Florajet

Bouquet fleurs coton

Cotton as a gift for cotton weddings isn’t super original, don’t you think? Maybe not, but it works and it’s pretty.

Prix : from 34.9 chez My Jolie Candle

Bougie personnaliser renferme bijou 1

A gift in 1, a candle that reveals a jewel to have to rack your brains too much, it’s only your cotton wedding after all.

Prix : from 30 chez Wonderbox

Sans titre 11 1

If you’re out of inspiration, this is a little “easy” gift and especially a little for both of you since you can decide to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary together during a romantic dinner, a romantic getaway, a workshop to discover a manual activity…

Prix : from 25.95 at La Box Fromage

Box fromage meilleur ouvrier france

Because being in love is to stink together, this box of artisanal cheeses will help you maintain that bad breath. And happy cotton wedding anniversary to you!

Prix : from 19.95 check Etsy

Affiche coton personnalisee

To mark your 1 year of marriage, here is a personalized cotton poster that symbolizes your cotton wedding.

Prix : from 19 at Le Beau Thé

Sachets thes personnalisables

Since your other half is a tea lover, here is a way to please him without taking too much risk. And you can write the message you want, style “happy cotton wedding my little chick” or whatever you want huh.

Prix : from 29 check Etsy

Pendentif noces de coton

To mark the occasion of your cotton wedding, here is a pretty pendant which contains, we give it to you in a thousand, a cotton embroidery! Wow, we weren’t expecting that, we’re completely amazed.

Prix : from 46.9 at Maestro Gift

Collecteur bouchons compete moitie

There you go, it’s been 1 year since you’ve been married, it’s time to celebrate it as it should be and what better than to have a contest of “who drinks the most at the barracks”. THE best gift to celebrate cotton weddings in due form.

Prix : from 15 check Etsy

Decoration couple personnalisee

You can write your names and your wedding date there, already 1 year and it’s time to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary with a gift that lasts, just to mark the occasion.

Prix : from 11.9 check Etsy

Cadre date mariage

Or whatever date you want after all, it’s your cotton nuptials not ours.

Prix : from 69 at Blash

Kit creation oeuvre art toile amour sexe 1

One year of marriage, it’s time to spice up this very special day with a canvas that you will create with your bodies. What better way to celebrate a cotton wedding than to disgust your whole apartment with paint?

Prix : from 59.95 chez

Plaid integral couverture cocoon couple 1

Since you got married you have been inseparable and it has been going on for a year. To be even closer here is this customizable integral plaid to be even closer than ever.

Prix : from 64.9 at Maestro Gift

Rose or coffret velour

It’s a bit kitsch we grant you but the attention may please! So we offer a golden rose for his cotton wedding and we don’t argue!

Prix : from 12.9 at Better Than Flowers

Bam box ballon confettis cadeau personnalise 3

Do you want to surprise your partner to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary? So the BAM box is surely the ideal gift, you can fill the box with surprises of all kinds, and the balloon that flies when you open it always has its little effect.

Prix : from 14.9 at Better Than Flowers

Une shopping 4

You don’t really want to rack your brains for your cotton wedding present and your partner likes puzzles? Bim, we found the perfect gift, a personalized puzzle to say a sweet word to him while passing the time.

Prix : from 15 at Petit Cube

Cadeau petit cube 2

You’re probably wondering what a little cube has to do with a cotton wedding present? Everything in fact. It’s a personalized gift in which you can add photos of the two of you, sweet words and little attentions in addition to the cube.

Prix : from 9.95 chez CEWE

Site developper photos numeriques cewe photo 2

Just to review all your wedding photos, travel photos, anything you want to celebrate your couple and your cotton wedding.

Prix : from 12.95 at Photoweb

Boule neige personnalisable

So ok, we’re not on the most refined gift in the world, but to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary, you don’t need to go broke. We are only talking about 1 year of marriage. When it’s 20 years, you’ll invest in something grander. A photo of you in a snow globe and you’re done (well, not sure that’s enough to really please, but as a small accompaniment to a bigger gift, it can be good).

Prix : from 29 chez The Star Poster

Affiche carte ciel etoile personnalisee

Or meeting, or first date, or first night together (I have other vulgar things that come to mind but I hold back). In any case, if you want to mark the occasion to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary, it’s a very romantic gift that will do the trick.

We hope you spoiled it.

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