Top 25+ Dumbest Stuff You’ve Heard (From Unsmart People)

I’m not going to teach you anything by telling you that in life there are some really stupid people. Some would say they are legion. This is why we had the pertinent idea of ​​asking you to share with us the dumbest stuff ever heard in your life story. And one thing is certain: you have heard a lot of bullshit.

1. To break eggs or not to break eggs, such is the omelette

Debile 23

2. It’s good to admit it

Debile 2

3. Animals Clearly Souled

Debile 3

4. “Coincidentally”

Debile 4

5. Humanity’s Worst Question

Debile 5

6. Zero points at the geo baccalaureate

Debile 6

7. Woe to people who have surgery

Debile 8

8. And unfortunately he doesn’t have to be the only one

Debile 9

9. Drunk, he didn’t understand what he was saying

Debile 10

10. Why get tired?

Debile 11

11. Etchebest in PLS

Debile 12

12. Completely stupid or completely funny (I bet on the second option)

Debile 13

13. Give him a medal

Debile 14

14. Best word game

Debile 16

15. It’s not like a president of the United States advised him

Debile 17

16. When?

Debile 18

17. Hint: one burps

Debile 19

18. Low food knowledge

Debile 20

19. Mignon

Debile 21

20. “As if by chance” (bis)

Debile 22

21. We all try to stay in this denial

Debile 7

22. Correct Answer

Debile 15

23. Little mother, we don’t throw stones at her

Debile 24

24. If Only

Debile 25

25. The guy who didn’t get the concept

Debile 26

26. You kill the timeline

Debile 27

27. And the Best for Last

Laura callu

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