Top 25 best tweets about Benzema’s Ballon d’Or, well done KB9

FINALLY ! We’ve been waiting for it for a while, and if it hadn’t happened it would have been a scandal in the world of football: Karim Benzema has been named Ballon d’Or 2022. Given his performance at Real Madrid, it’s more than deserved, and we are still very proud that French football is finally rewarded, 24 years after Zidane’s coronation. Such a great moment in sport had to be accompanied by a selection of the best tweets on the subject.

1. He knew it was for him right?

2. Always rejoicing for the victories of others while waiting to savor your own

3. Jean-Michel Aulas bet on the right champion

4. Two legends

5. It was really moving though

6. The little tear was at the meeting

7. Formula 1 and karting, a fable that will be remembered

8. Giroud is still an F1, we don’t forget him

9. Might as well say it, Mbappé didn’t look super happy with the result

10. He still made the trip, it’s nice

11. Go to work Kylian, you’ll get it later

12. He Would Be Able To

13. These are always the times when exes come back to your DMs.

14. Aulas doesn’t care about the rest today

15. Like a mussel to its rock

16. Mbappé is not the only one having trouble digesting his evening

17. We all feel crap next to KB9 now.

19. The Golden Boulard

20. PSG played a big role in KB9’s victory

21. What ingratitude

22. What does Manu get involved in?

23. Macron better mind his own domain

24. Exactly Our Reaction

25. He had boycotted it for good reasons but it sure won’t make them friends

Who do we give it to next year?

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