Top 25 Barbie Doll Evolutions Through The Ages, She’s Changed Too Much

Whether you’re old or young (I won’t give an age range to offend anyone), you must have played, given or admired a Barbie doll one day (yes, even if you are a man, one does not not prevent the other my coco). But what we forget is that, since the time it exists, the Barbie has changed a lot. Like good good. Attention, in this top we put aside the Barbie signatures and the Barbies with the effigy of inspiring women to focus on the “original” (note the quotation marks) because for a few years now, Mattel has been offering Barbies with very different morphologies, skin colors and hair styles, which is a great step forward.

1. Barbie in 1959

The first Barbie looked extremely mean, we’re not going to hide it. She can clearly put tabasco on your plate if you piss her off a little too much.

2. Barbie in 1964

This Barbie is calling you in mask to give you a fake date with your crush, that’s for sure.

3. Barbie in 1968

How did the duck face already exist at that time?

4. Barbie in 1973

Always tighter the size please. She can still breathe, it’s not a good sign.

5. Barbie in 1975

I hope all the dolls from this period were sold with this outfit.

6. Barbie in 1978

Gone are the days when Barbies had folded arms.

7. Barbie in the late 70s

I hope you have noted the V morphology correctly.

8. Barbie in 1983

Chic and colorful, it’s validated for us.

9. Barbie in 1985

Why don’t I look like this in a jersey??

10. Barbie in 1989

Very prof vibe aerobics.

11. Barbie in the 90s

The Spice Girls were jealous.

12. Barbie in 1993

It must be something anyway, to have eyes bigger than ears.

13. Barbie in 1995

Not easy to breathe when your waist is narrower than a tube of glue.

14. Barbie in 1997

I would have liked time to stop at that moment.

15. Barbie in 1999

A little pedantic perhaps but we still give our go.

16. Barbie in 2002

But there, she wants to open her veins in two, right?

17. Barbie in 2008

When you make your best forced smile but you forgot you didn’t have your mask on.

18. Barbie in 2010

The hottest couple ever.

19. Barbie in 2012

A bit boring no? Can do better.

20. Barbie in 2014

Stop lying to us, no one has so much style when traveling.

21. Barbie in 2015

Is it just me or does she still look a little fifteen?

22. Barbie in 2017

OK, I’m buying for the dog!

23. Barbie in 2020

Finally thighs that already look a little more like what we know.

24. Barbie in 2022

His life seems a little less reluctant than that of his friends from the 50s.

25. The evolution of the body in a nutshell

You will notice the progression from Superstar Barbie of the 90s to Barbie Fashionistas of the 2000s and then Barbie Curvy Fashionistas of 2016. Progress is beautiful.

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