Top 25 animals that would have done better not to go to the hairdresser

We know them well hairdressers, these people who always cut your hair a little shorter than what you had asked them. These people who offer you hairstyles in bad taste when you came just for a “little refreshment”. Those people who ask you “How’s the water temperature?” before squirting shampoo in your eyes. Good people. People we love, because, despite everything, what they do, we would be unable to do alone. But now, they regularly kill our hair, and that sucks. Besides, animals are no exception to the rule either: when they go to the groomer – their hairdresser what, why invent another name? – they too sometimes come out looking like idiots. The only difference between them and us is that they don’t realize it, and they’re very lucky.

1. This dog who looks like a fan of Indochina

2. This dog that looks like it was run over by a lawnmower.

3. This cat with a head that doesn’t go well with the rest of its body

4. This dog who takes on his new toilet look with great dignity

5. This dog whose style made me uncomfortable for 12 generations

6. This cat shocked for life by his new appearance

7. This dog now ready to listen to punk while drinking lukewarm beer

8. This dog who got a little too big-headed

9. This dog who can legitimately apply to become the new Michelin man

10. This dog who has a head to explain to you that the Beatles are the best band in the world

11. This dog who can now see 190°

12. This dog who totally lost faith in humans

13. This dog who just became someone else

14. These cats who bought the same pair of waders

15. This Anna Wintour-loving dog

16. This cat who forgot to work his lower body at the gym

17. This dog who is happy with his full hair removal

18. This dog who put on a sheepskin to keep warm

19. This dog who drinks organic IPA and pays for his (organic) tomatoes 8 euros per kilo at the market

20. This dog who realizes he’s not going to get caught this summer

21. This dog who regrets the death of disco

22. This cat who clearly resents the whole world for this bad Jon Snow cosplay

23. This dog who remains convinced that the goat is cool

24. This dog who liked Renaud’s latest album

25. This cat who really didn’t want his belly touched

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