Top 24 Gen Z Phrases You Should Know Is It To Kill Me??

Generation Z (or Gen Z as they like to call themselves) is a somewhat separate group of society. Its members have their own beliefs (astrology), their own means of communication (TikTok and Snapchat) and their own language. Yes, because like its ancestors, Generation Z has created its own expressions to be understood only among people belonging to the community. Fortunately, Topito managed to infiltrate. So that’s what we learned there, remember it all by heart, it will be in the next Larousse dictionary.

1. Aesthetic

Synonym for Millennials: Too fresh.

Synonym for others: Beau.

Example of proper use: Macrame rugs in decoration in a bedroom, it’s so aesthetic.

2. You’re nugget

Synonym for Millennials: Jtm too you.

Synonym for others: You’re a beautiful person.

Example of proper use: Girl, you’re nugget, so happy to have you as an office colleague.

3. It’s Incredible

Synonym for Millennials: It’s crazy.

Synonym for others: It’s incredible.

Example of proper use: No, but Denis Brogniart has so much flow, it’s incredible.

4. Is it to kill me?

Synonym for Millennials: Bars.

Synonym for others: Laughing.

Example of proper use: This Topito top, is it to kill me??

5. C’est le GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Synonym for Millennials: It’s the blood.

Synonym for others: It’s the best.

Example of proper use: Harry Styles is the goat!

6. It’s Too Much

Synonym for Millennials: It killed me.

Synonym for others: It is very funny.

Example of proper use: Ah no but the last video of McFly & Carlito, it’s too much!

7. Sheesh

Synonym for Millennials: Too good.

Synonym for others: Very cool.

Example of proper use: I only had 200 € of tax adjustment this year, sheeeeeeesh.

8. Are you scared

Synonym for Millennials: You are not ready.

Synonym for others: You’re not going to come back.

Example of proper use: I learned pilates gossip, you’re scared!

9. There’s no wesh

Synonym for Millennials: There’s no way.

Synonym for others: It should be forbidden.

Example of proper use: You drink tuna juice, but there’s no wesh??!!

10. Pick me girl

Synonym for Millennials: Attention whore.

Synonym for others: Someone who makes her interesting.

Example of proper use: Louise is such a pick me girl.

11. T’as trop de flow

Synonym for Millennials: You are too swag.

Synonym for others: You are very stylish.

Example of proper use: You have too much flow on your last LinkedIn CV photo!

12. *Crying Smiley*

Synonym for Millennials: Jpp.

Synonym for others: Smiley laughing loudly.

Example of proper use: Well, I’m really lazy to find you an example, if you didn’t understand the idea, too bad for you.

13. T’es cringe

Synonym for Millennials: You are weird.

Synonym for others: You are weird.

Example of proper use: What, you still haven’t watched Friends : The Reunion ?? T’es cringe…

14. I’ll Scream

Synonym for Millennials: OMG

Synonym for others: I’m going to cry.

Example of proper use: Your cat is too beautiful, I’m going to scream.

15. It’s Ghetto

Synonym for Millennials: blow.

Synonym for others: With laziness, but resourcefulness.

Example of proper use: Yesterday I stained my white blazer, so I put blanco on it to hide. Totally ghetto.

16. Cop

Synonym for Millennials: Chopper.

Synonym for others: Acheter.

Example of proper use: I cop the last pair of Buffalo, I’m going to scream.

17. A banger

Synonym for Millennials: It’s heavy.

Synonym for others: A classic.

Example of proper use: In real life, Jacky your 4L is a banger!

18. He’s too grr

Synonym for Millennials: It’s too my crush.

Synonym for others: I am physically very attracted to this person.

Example of proper use: Admit Angel he’s too grrr in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

19. They pay

Synonym for Millennials: Lol.

Synonym for others: Lol.

Example of proper use: Don’t act like you didn’t understand, it’s to express the laughter, then you place it where you want, that’s all.

20. Loml ( (Love Of My Life)

Synonym for Millennials: My life.

Synonym for others: The person I would like to marry.

Example of proper use: Christophe Maé, loml.

21. It’s not…

Synonym for Millennials: Genre.

Synonym for others: You have a dog.

Example of proper use: And there it is not the guy says to me “Listen, it is better that we stop there, I prefer that we remain friends”. Too cringe.

22. It’s Gucci

Synonym for Millennials: It’s pleasing.

Synonym for others: Life is Beautiful.

Example of proper use: This little carbo pasta the day after the evening, it’s Gucci.

23. I’m in the Sauce

Synonym for Millennials: Les problèèèèèèèèmes.

Synonym for others: I’m in a bit of a pickle.

Example of proper use: I put that I was 25 in my Tinder bio and all the guys believe it, I’m so in the sauce.

24. It’s Real

Synonym for Millennials: I swore.

Synonym for others: I tell you.

Example of proper use: Topito forces too much with the squeegee, it’s real.

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