Top 24 Best Tweets About Shoes (Because We Love Them)

If globally, we have favorite pumps as shown in the top of the best tweets on crocs, we accept all kinds of shoes because deep down, they all deserve our love. Yes, even flip flops and moccasins. To pay tribute to these little accessories that keep our toes warm, we called on our best team of tweeters. And of course, they had already planned everything necessary.

1. Make the shoes Velcro

2. There is still room at Topito otherwise

3. The same kind of person who goes to bed fully clothed after a 2 hour train ride

4. Personally, I ask her if she wants the big or the small room to stay with me

5. Karma Exists

6. It should be the same with spouses

7. Because the guy has no feet lol, do you?

8. Hence the interest of scratches

10. Sacred trickster this Denis

11. Nah, but that was confusing too…

12. Dark times have happened in your pumps

13. Thank you sir

14. We are not the richest in the basket

15. There are questions worth asking

16. Rare photo of local inter-school post cross shoes

17. Otherwise, replace with heeled shoes that click well

18. First degree murder cravings

19. At least they have a second life, it’s nice to recover

20. Take our direct CB

21. I’ll be there in 5 minutes

22. Become a murderer in one step

23. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart to get better

24. Get down ASAP, it’s a trap

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