Top 23 funny tweets about deodorants, a top that smells like alum stone

There is something worse than global warming, world hunger and tax evasion. These are the people who put their sweaty, moldy armpits against the faces of others in transport. These people apparently learned badly about hygiene in primary school (or don’t know how to distinguish between deodorants on the supermarket shelves, it’s up to you). But it’s better to laugh than cry, because when it comes to perspiration, we’re not all equal (yes, I’m talking about me and my dripping underarms twelve days a week). So let’s laugh together in sweat and good humor with tweets guaranteed to be 100% aluminum and sulphate free.

1. Really very effective this deodorant

2. Can she adopt us or not?

3. While girls can brush for the promo

4. We want answers

5. It’s deserved

6. Smart

7. Finally someone who asks the real questions

8. Very want to buy anyway

9. At the same time, relieve burning skin

10. Must act quickly

11. Ah, but marketing these days

12. There is a good chance indeed

13. Very manly smell based on century-old fir and tar

14. But before or after cereal?

16. As long as you stay away from Scorpio, it’s good for us

17. File the ref right away!!

18. It sticks a tad what

19. There are some who are not afraid of death

20. Coincidence?

21. Too true what he says

22. Best duo activity

23. Where can it be bought, is it for friends?

You stink, you fart, you pollute the planet.

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