Top 22 funny tweets about family meals, a moment of conviviality

It’s not just the Christmas meal that makes us remember that family reunions are not always a good idea. Sunday meals are also a good reminder that shows us how much there are things we don’t want to talk about as a family at all. Truly not. So if you’re currently stuck between a senile great-uncle and a little cousin who still eats mashed potatoes, take refuge among these excellent tweets that will cheer you up (at least as much as a fire alarm that would put an end to this dinner ).

1. There’s no escaping it

3. Ah uncle, hi, how are you……..?

4. Come on, let’s move on please

6. There’s atmosphere anyway

7. Tema the size of the nutria

9. No, no, but I’m just a little tired…

10. Just to put everyone at ease

11. As long as you’re not at the kid’s table

12. Not at all resentful

14. Not Turn the Towels, Not Turn the Towels

15. But Grandpa???

16. A day well spent

18. 0 desire to belong to this family

19. We wouldn’t have survived otherwise

20. What a humiliation when she answered aloud “Yes, we’re going soon!”

22. French culture

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