Top 21 of the most creepy ads found on Leboncoin

The right corner is a gold mine! In addition to doing business, getting ripped off, and spending whole nights there when looking for an apartment in Paris, it is also the meeting place for unusual ads of all kinds. Sometimes it’s funny. Other times… It’s just creepy. Stop that.

1. “Monsieur is looking for a lady for a roommate in the same room”

Creepy. Obviously, we report and denounce this kind of creepy pervert.

2. A nice little doll

There’s nothing in the ad. The doll’s mouth, the need to get rid of it QUICKLY, the little candles at her feet,… EVERYTHING SPOOKED. Impossible to watch this ad for more than 3 seconds, how about you?

3. Floor lamp

But on real feet. On legs, even. But who buys that, seriously?

4. “Parachute never opened. Cause of death”

Eh bah nickel… Let’s go.

5. Small furniture for children, playful and colorful

Imagine, you wake up in the middle of a nightmare, and your piece of furniture looks at you like that. It’s not so bad, nightmares, actually.

6. To fill her little crown

Tooth already used, good resistance to hard caramel.

7. 10 year old dentures, still 7 good years ahead of him

Long live the second-hand, for a second smile!

8. A shower curtain to scare away thieves

“Frightens, but does not prevent washing”. Bah perfect, we do not expect more from a shower curtain!

9. Don’t want to know what happened…

“For decoration”… Big atmosphere, the decoration.

10. 450 euros per smartphone, great deal

But… We imagine that it is to be “recovered only on the spot”, at the bottom of a garden, next to a barn, in the depths of a countryside headed by the Creuse?

11. A “multi-use” chain, very well highlighted by this photo

And the ad explained “With its 9 meters in length, I am sure that you will find some use for it (…) as my wife does from time to time, you can, ladies, tie up your husband so that he stays a little more often at home. home. It’s solid, he won’t have it with his teeth! ». It’s nice to clarify.

12. Gravestone already engraved

Ideal for impersonating a dead person, while being dead yourself.

13. BUT WHY?????

We must stop the glaucous staging like that, seriously!

14. I have. Not. The. Words.


15. Working gas cooker

To recover in a safe and healthy environment, of course.

16. As realistic as it is creepy

Feet in feet, it’s almost poetic this kind of abyss.

17. Bed and corpses at only 150 euros

Before taking pictures for your ads, do not hesitate to remove the elements that could lead you to jail, or WORSE: make you miss the sale.

18. After the cat, the rat

Fossilized animals, no.

19. Coffee Table/Storage Chest/Coffin

So practical to use! 3 in 1 is a big yes!

20. … And for only 300 euros more, a real coffin!

Certainly that person received two copies of it at Christmas. So cute.

21. A foot, but not only…

Strangely, this time, I have the impression that it is not a slipper… I’m afraid.

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