Top 20 worst stairs in history, when the steps don’t work

I see you saying to yourself: “nothing simpler than a staircase, it’s just a step, then a step a little higher, and so on, no need to be a genius”. Well, excuse me for telling you, but I find you very impertinent. Achieving a staircase is an art. A clever mix of logic, aesthetics and, of course, materials (I tried to make stairs out of nothing, it doesn’t work). Suddenly, the messed up stairs are legion, and some of them seem to lead straight to the Underworld (unlike that of Led Zeppelin). See it with your own eyes.

1. The march in which you have less confidence than in French justice

2. A little surprise walk to push you to the beyond

3. The ramp that makes half the stairs as useless as shampoo in a bald man’s bathroom

4. Not very practical on a daily basis

5. A challenge for people with disabilities

6. This staircase that remains a mystery to humanity

7. The staircase that you can only take if you have a baccalaureate +10 and a negative alcohol test

8. This staircase that can officially be recognized as an assassination attempt

9. This staircase already responsible for the death of 3 families

10. This staircase that clearly doesn’t know where it’s going

11. This staircase gone wrong

12. This staircase totally devoid of feelings (especially for people who wear skirts)

13. This staircase designed by nostalgic Mayans

14. This staircase capable of ruining 10 years of therapy

15. This ramp for the disabled in search of sensations

16. This staircase that gaslights (definition: form of harassment that aims to introduce doubt in the victim)

17. This other toxic staircase that asks you to lose some ass

18. This staircase as original as it is useless as it is ugly as it is totally stupid

19. This bi-taste staircase with a questionable style

20. This staircase that may well be your last

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