Top 20 worst photo montages found in movies, understated works of art

You know what it’s like in the cinema, we have a big budget to make a film but everything goes in the stamp of certain actors with abused requests or to pass the whims of the requests of stars rehired and in the end there is not much left money to do super important stuff like photo editing. You have no idea of ​​the sloppy horrors that we see passing discreetly in the movies but thanks to certain heroes of the internets we can now look them in the face, which we suggest you see right away.

1. The scariest thing about “Saw 2.”

2. The photographer probably said “look natural” to take this cute family photo in “Easy A.”

3. Obama wasn’t warned about his cool cameo in “Transformers 3.”

4. No, this face in “Murder she wrote” is totally normal.

5. Him, we can say that he has his head on his shoulders, to see in season 5 of “Dynasty”.

6. When you wear a helmet that is the size of your torso, you are sure not to hurt yourself while skiing, as the series “Pretty little liars” reminds us.

7. This guy from “Secret Obsession” has the most tanned neck in the whole country, an example for kids.

8. Look at this background behind, it is very clearly the place where the photo was taken in this film “Left Behind”

9. How cute are they in “Dirty Grandpa”, those are memories we can cherish.

10. Want to take a photo of an adult child? No problem, stick his adult head on a kid’s body, it worked in “Back-up plan”.

11. This photo of “Malcolm” scares me a lot, look how the shadow is cut, there’s nothing wrong.

12. Want to go on vacation with this happy family in season 3 of “Twin Peaks”

13. Bruce Wayne’s parents in ‘Batman and Robin’ freak out more than all the villains who face off against the Dark Knight.

14. Look at that cute little family in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, they look so natural.

15. This photo from “The office” was almost believable, it’s just that there’s still a piece of the real guy’s head behind the one we pasted, it’s a shame.

16. In “Ad Astra” they didn’t bother too much, they took a photo from another movie (Space Cowboys) instead of retouching one, well done.

17. Look at me how happy people look in “The Book Club”.

18. On this account, you can take fake photos with all the presidents of the world without getting too bored like in “Last boy scout”.

19. Maybe you should put a background to make this photo of “Family of Cops”? Are people going to realize they’re posing in front of something plain?

20. “What? Is this photo very good, where is the problem?” Says the props manager on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

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