Top 20 worst husbands in the history of mankind, you have to divorce there

For some, the wedding is the most beautiful day of their life. For others, it is the equivalent of a slow slide towards a precipice of despair and hatred. What does not make things easier is when you are married to an individual whose perception of reality is altered by an element that we will call “bullshit”. Living with this kind of person is as pleasant as bumping your knee 18 times a minute in the same table. We show you these marriage failures where the only responsible is the husband.

1. Her husband would rather put the trash can on the counter than hand out a trash bag himself.

2. She asked her husband to save her some Oreos.

3. Her husband puts away the groceries like this

4. Her husband didn’t throw away the bottle of milk because there was some left over.

5. Her husband apparently can’t aim for the laundry basket.

6. She asked her husband to crate the dog while they were away. The dog ate his sweater bought the day before.

7. Her husband doesn’t really want to change the trash bag.

8. Her husband said he finished painting the wall

9. Her husband’s collection of empty packaging

10. This is how her husband puts away the dishes

11. Her husband confused “pantry” with “trash”

12. Every year, her husband asks her to wrap her presents herself.

13. Her husband would rather make a pile of dirty spoons than wash them.

14. Her husband has fun putting things up high so she can’t reach them.

15. Her husband can’t open a packet of cheese like a normal person.

16. Her husband doesn’t want to remove the plastic film from his computer so as not to scratch it.

17. Her husband has not yet understood the principle of the coaster

18. Her husband missed the class where we explained what the plugs were for.

19. Her husband butters the toast like a pig

20. Her husband has this style that deserves prison

Come on, it’s going to divorce.

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