Top 20 unluckiest people of the month, episode 1

Are you having a bad start to the week? Did your parents block you on Facebook? Did your car end up in the ditch? The person who shares your life told you that she was a fan of Michel Sardou? So rest assured: you are not alone in your mess. Lots of people have had bad days, and we’ve selected some of the unluckiest photos of the past month to cheer you up. If the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others, then you will soon be very happy.

1. The washing machine had already been running for 12 minutes when it found its EarPod

2. Never stick your head in a hole without knowing what’s inside

3. He came home from work and found a ton of gravel in front of his house, without knowing where it came from

4. Someone dropped their jar filled with pre-rolled joints. He’s going to have a bad night.

5. His bread had holes all the way through

6. His neighbor has washed his car so well that the sun reflects in it and melts his shutters.

7. Rodents squatted in his car for a month and messed things up.

8. In the end, it could have been worse (but it’s still boring)

9. He rolled up $300 worth of pennies by hand, but his bank won’t accept them unless he runs them one by one through a machine.

10. He hit a turkey over 100km/h

11. The kind of thing that makes you want to go back to your bed to cry

12. This kid got bitten by something.

13. He bought his avocados only 2 days before.

14. What happened to this frog? We’ll never know

15. His dog shit and vomited in his brother-in-law’s car.

16. Park under a tree? Bad idea.

17. He walked barefoot on an anthill (guess which foot)

18. Brand new automatic vacuum cleaner + pooping dog = bad day

19. A good reason never to buy a glass desk

20. When it doesn’t want, it doesn’t want

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