Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #458

Hi little friends, another great week is starting! First of all, happy October (because any excuse is good to turn a normal day into a celebration of life) and welcome to this week’s top tweets. We know that you are impatiently waiting for this moment and we go to great lengths to select the crème de la crème of tweets, those with a lot of humor and fat. Good tasting !


1. “But what is he doing here??”

2. In pajamas under the duvet

3. It’s hard to imagine a more ridiculous death than being beaten to death with a candlestick in a library by a guy named Colonel Mustard.

4. Termites on Twitter

Let’s eat Jerry’s house, it looks delicious!

Ok – ok – ok – ok


5. Would be about saving energy

6. Do you prefer soup or raclette?


7. Why it looks like they’re going to start a podcast

8. Everyone makes an effort

9. Can’t wait for them to tell us that they take showers and not baths

10. Graphic design students cry blood

11. Prince George says to his classmates: “My father is going to be king so you better watch out”, so Prince George is a mini Draco Malfoy


12. It’s true that people in shorts in winter always make us laugh.

13. “We actually met before” Okay well I don’t remember you. Have you ever thought about being more memorable and less insignificant?”

14. To err is human but this is abused


15. It didn’t make sense to bring out the first film in theaters.

16. My wedding didn’t even make it to my sister’s September Instagram carousel but her Starbucks order did.

17. A little genius

18. My 7 year old daughter told me that Jeremy gave her all the answers at school. As the conversation progressed, I realized that it was her brain that she had called Jeremy”


19. I would have cried too

20. “He should take over the role of Christian Grey” so…

21. Best of all punchlines

22. Me: *Opens the fridge* / Bag of broccoli: Please… / Me: *Closes the fridge*

23. The good ass as we like it

24. Bad timing, it’s really bad luck


25. Timothée Chalamet is the new Benedict Cumberbatch because you can say any word that sounds a bit like and we understand who you’re talking about. Tiffany Chevy. Timpanogos Charlemagne. Symphony Cabernet. Jiminy Castaway

26. When I learn that my family ate something good when I was not there

Come on, it’s time to eat so I’ll leave you. Have a nice week and start thinking about your Halloween costume (it’s soon).

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