Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #445

Hello friends, it’s time for the top tweets of the week! Last week was eventful for the Topito team since we all left to bask in Normandy (which is downright an oxymoron, I grant you). Of course, we’re still here, on time and in a good mood, to offer you a nice selection of funny tweets. Have a great week everyone !


1. Want to meet the fake Vald

2. He just had to know how to read

3. Moms like to say “it stays between us” and tell everyone at the next family meal

4. It’s too much for my little heart


5. When I say I hate drama, I mean I hate being involved. Other people’s dramas? I like

6. Oh yeah not very practical

7. 4 months of work for that?


8. Stop I’m crying

9. Who feels represented by a guy who wears a tie frankly?


10. We all know the brand of this vacuum cleaner and I do exactly the same thing

11. I hope he stays forever

12. But who does he think he is talking to Valérie like that?

13. Children are really creepy. My 5 year old daughter likes to draw faces on the eggs before breaking them. As she smashes them, she says “Goodbye my babies”. This monster lives in my house

14. Apparently we can do a master’s in mansplaining now.


15. It’s always Anne’s fault

16. I WANT the luminous jack


17. She Needed It

18. The most unequal exchange on the planet

19. Oh yeah they abuse a bit anyway

20. “Here we are”

21. Does it still exist?


22. Date a girl who stops mid-sentence to tell you there’s a cat nearby

23. They also searched

There you go… I’m going to leave you now because we have nothing more to say to each other and it’s a bit embarrassing.

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