Top 20 strangest buildings in the world

We are more used to pointing fingers and not giving a damn about ugly high schools, the worst kitchens or scary toilets, but today we put our mockery aside. Today, thanks to a subreddit quality, we start with a series of completely crazy buildings that defy the laws of architecture (and sometimes good taste too, it must be admitted). You will be so full of it that your ophthalmologist will tell you that you have 10/10 in each eye.

1. King Alfred’s Tower in England, which looks like something out of a children’s story

2. L’Église Temppeliaukio d’Helsinki en Finlande

3. A World War I alpine refuge 2760 meters above sea level in Italy

4. This inverted pyramid villa in Spain

5. This house built above a rampart in France in 1347

6. A Lutheran Church in Reykjavik, Iceland

7. Café Sauterelle in South Korea built from old train cars

8. An unzipped building in Milan, Italy

9. An English pub built over a well that feels stuffed

10. A hotel north of Amsterdam

11. This one-family house in Idaho. Probably Weasleys…

12. This art deco building in the Pyrénées-Orientales (it has since been renovated and is still used as a hotel)

13. This telescopic house in Pennsylvania

14. This one-legged building in Hamburg, Germany

15. The Iron Fountain in Armenia

16. This house in Canterbury, UK that looks like it’s about to fall

17. This house with way too many windows

18. This building that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word

19. This big SpongeBob pineapple in Scotland

20. The Hobbit 2.0 house in Switzerland

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