Top 20 Stranger Things Season 4 Characters, Ranked From Best To Dumbest

After this wonderful 4th season which completely relaunch the series, it’s time to classify the characters, rate them and see if they deserve to appear in season 5 or simply to have their own spin-off series. Spoiler-free, there are plenty of excellent ratings for excellent characters that got our underpants wet.

1. Eddie : 20/20

Few people can say that they played a metal concert in the Upside Down, all to die as heroes. Clearly the number 1 of the season. RIP IN PEACE EDDIE.

Eddie stranger things

2. Max : 20/20

She was ready to die, is actually dead but in fact no it’s just a coma lol. And she made us discover Running up that hill by Kate Bush in what is the 2nd best scene of the season. A big thank you to you Maxou.

Max stranger things

3. Nancy : 19/20

I’m against bearing arms of course, but seeing Nancy with a shotgun knocking out Vecna ​​gave me a strong desire to bear her children.

Nancy stranger things

4. Steve : 18/20

Always on top Steve. For once he doesn’t have to babysit, he was once again able to demonstrate his strength and style. And then Steve shirtless with his long hair, we can’t say no hehe.

Steve stranger things

5. Property / Henry / 001 : 17/20

The best villain of the series and the only one who will make two seasons. Very good flashback as well as a real power allowing him to survive an attack of teenagers.

Vecna in stranger things 4

6. Joyce : 16/20

Going to Russia, surviving a plane crash, believing her boyfriend is alive when it’s not at all, believing in love, believing a Russian thug, breaking her boyfriend out of prison, but Joyce does put the ring on my finger.

Joyce stranger things

7. Murray : 16/20

Doing karate on an airplane is a big yes for me. Too underrated the Murray.

Murray stranger things

8. Hopper : 15/20

He spent the season freezing his ass off, but still stuffed himself a sword-wielding Demogorgon. And then the reunion with Eleven at the end, I would so love to experience the same thing after fighting demons.

Hopper st 4

9. Dustin : 15/20

Always so funny, always so strategist, Dustin remains a safe bet, a shoulder on which we can rest our little head, a calculator on which we can count. And then the little speech to Eddie’s uncle, I cried even more than the reunion between Hopper and Eleven.

Dustin st 4

10. Argyle : 14/20

Thanks to her van for traveling all over the United States, and thanks to her pineapple pizza, helping Eleven fight Vecna. BG the Argyle.

Stranger things season 4 argyle

11. Erica : 14/20

Erica has clearly taken the place of her brother, and it’s not a bad thing that she has a verve to bend any demon and abilities in DnD that slam.

Erica sinclair s4

12. Suzie : 12/20

A scene where she ensures a maximum and then leaves. It’s good enough to get the average but too little to climb higher.

Suzie st 4

13. Eleven : 11/20 lol

Sorry Eleven, but since you spent the 9 episodes wearing an ugly suit and taking a dip in a footbath in order to discover your past and in the end not being able to beat 1v1 Vecna, it’s 11/20 and no more .

Eleven stranger things

14. Jonathan : 10/20

Very unimportant in this season 4, the Jojo insults us by complaining about Steve to Nancy at the end. Bad move my man. I give you 10 for the rest of your career but that’s it.

Jonathan st 4

15. Robin : 7/20

In truth, I still don’t know what she’s doing here. A whole season to approach a girl, thank you writers.

Robin st 4

16. Lucas : 4/20

He preferred basketball to his friends, so no thanks. And while the group tries to save the world, he is there to simper with Max who is going to die. Dude, priorities aren’t just on the right.

Lucas st

17. Mike : 3/20

He was very happy when in season 1 Eleven came to save his buttocks, and he allows himself to judge her when she skates a girl after an extreme humiliation.

Mike wheeler s4

18. Will : 3/20

Her hairdo got me drunk.

Will st 4

19. Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan : 2/20

All he’s done all season is torture some guy, be late to the crime scene, and lose a helicopter. And it costs a blind these things.

Lieutenant colonel sullivan

20. Dr Brenner : 1/20

I wanted to give him 15 because he helped Eleven regain her powers, but apparently a dad who sequesters and forces his last living child to relive a traumatic memory is not done.

Brenner stranger things saison 4

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