Top 20 signs that you are too touchy, yes, no need to get upset

Maybe you got here by chance, or maybe you’re here because a friend of yours shared this top with you. In any case, take it upon yourself: the things you are going to read here are probably not going to please you. You are about to learn something difficult to accept. Because yes, you are a very sensitive person, and it is quite easy to realize it. Here are some clues:

1. When people tell you that you are touchy, you get angry

And suddenly it proves to everyone that you are susceptible. Which pisses you off even more. It’s a vicious circle.

2. When you get 567 compliments and one criticism, you only remember the criticism

When we just told you that you were sometimes “a bit grumpy”. It’s no big deal though.

3. When you walk into a room, you’re sure people were talking about you

And since you got angry, people now have a good reason to talk about you.

4. When the salesperson offers you size 42 jeans, you say “ah, because you actually think I’m fat?”

No, it’s just that you’re a size 42. And nobody cares.

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5. When your friends see each other without you, you freak out.

Which, inevitably, makes them want to see you even less.

6. You say too often that you are not susceptible

You come up with sentences like: “Oulah, to offend me, you know… you have to go, huh, haha”. After that, you have to act like nothing touches you, but you cry inside.

7. When people tell you that you look a little tired, it kills your day.

“Uh no I’ve always had dark circles in fact, it comes to me from my mother, so please think a little before speaking”

8. Even when people tell you that you look pretty today, you take it badly

“Ah, because usually I’m not?” »

You suck.

10. You like to winnow others but hate being winnowed

According to you, it’s just because other people’s jokes are less funny than yours, when the only person who lacks humor here is you.

11. When one of your loved ones chooses another godfather/godmother than you for their kids, you take it badly

However, you can’t be godfather or godmother to 15 brats, that would still be a lot.

12. You have already changed your shrink because he told you that you were susceptible

“Uh, who does the guy think he is? He thinks he knows me? Nobody knows me okay? »

13. You already beat up your shrink


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14. When you listen to an acceptance speech, you only smile when your name is mentioned.

If you do not appear in the names mentioned, then this speech is worth nothing AT ALL.

15. When a cat refuses to hug you, you take it badly

Cats do all that, please don’t take it personally.

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17. The word “susceptible” makes you susceptible.

That’s going a bit far there, isn’t it?

18. Your friends tagged you in the comments of this top

They had a message for you. Yes, we know, it hurts, but we have to listen to them.

19. Reading this top irritated you

Because you know it’s all true and it hurts you a little bit. Come on, let’s relax, nothing is serious.

20. You’re convincing yourself that this top didn’t irritate you

So yes, really.

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