Top 20 restaurants that are way too creative, really too much

We’ve all already set foot in a restaurant that’s going crazy and coming out with crazy dressings, certainly pretty, but which take too much of a head for what it is. Well today, we show you much worse: restaurants that totally abuse dressage and have taken creativity to the rank of great nonsense. Finally eating on a simple plate is not so bad.

1. This restaurant that makes you eat melted chocolate right in your hands

2. This restaurant that serves you your salad in a shovel, because why not

3. This restaurant where you eat without cutlery directly on a creepy human mask

4. This restaurant that apparently takes you for a bird

5. This restaurant run by a guy who probably loves dinos way too much

6. This restaurant where you hope the clog has never been worn before

7. This restaurant who thought the shovel didn’t go far enough so he chose the dustpan

8. This restaurant that got 13/20 in visual arts in 6th grade

9. This restaurant that awakens your passion for gardening

10. This restaurant that puts your croquettas in prison so that it’s fun to eat

11. This restaurant so luxurious that even the bread has a bag

12. This cozy restaurant that offers you a corn candlestick

13. This restaurant that has totally lost its mind with its dressing

14. This restaurant that dreams of participating in Lego Masters

15. This restaurant that grows chorizo

16. This restaurant that makes the bottoms of drawers

17. This restaurant that’s totally at the end of its tether

18. This restaurant that completely takes its customers for dogs

19. This restaurant that remixes picnic baskets

20. This restaurant that didn’t really understand the concept of Yule logs

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