Top 20 photos that prove that Canada is not a country like the others

So yes, there are plenty of reasons to never set foot in Canada. But there are also plenty of good reasons to go and live in Canada and the following photos will certainly succeed in convincing you to pack your bags and establish your life in this beautiful country. Because it must be said, despite the snow and its -36,000°C, despite its monstrous animals and despite the existence of poutine, Canada is a country that deserves to be tattooed on the heart.

1. They have the biggest ice maze in the world

2. The tags are all nice (“Have a nice day”)

3. Canadian students are easily spotted

4. Yes, they have cougars on their cars

5. They have cake dispensers

6. They have moose that splash in their pools.

7. The ramens hold themselves, too foooooorts

8. They can keep their beers cold

9. No need to do your hair in the morning

10. They make you keep your distance with maple syrup bottles.

11. The border between Canada (left) and the United States (right) is clearly visible

12. They have bridges over the highways to prevent animals from crossing on the lanes.

13. Students watch hockey games in class

14. The police lend their helmets to dogs who have their pictures taken on police motorcycles.

15. They have polar bear license plates.

16. Cats huddle together on a starlink antenna to escape the cold snow

17. Supreme Court Justices Who Wear Christmas Outfits

18. People don’t have fines but words that say “you have a nice car”

19. They have maple syrup Coke

20. There are changing rooms in post offices.

Come on, tell us, you too are planning to pack your boxes quickly to break up in caribou country??? To find out if you are ready, you can start by seeing if you can speak Quebec well, a language that will be useful to you in the French-speaking part.

Via Bored Panda.

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