Top 20 photos of shopping carts around the world, it’s the crisis friends

Welcome to your beginner level economics course. Today, we are going to begin our introduction to the fabulous world of money with some shopping baskets posted by Internet users all around the world. This will allow you to draw a conclusion that is both simple and depressing: in some (or many) countries, money is no longer worth much, and people are starting to struggle to buy food with tickets. Nice for a first lesson huh? Come on, let’s move on to the examples.

1. $35 shopping in Brazil

2. 29€ shopping in Munich

3. £80 shopping in London

4. $4.45 groceries in Argentina

5. $73 shopping in Los Angeles

6. $40 shopping in Washington

7. $11.5 for 4.5 liters of milk in Hawaii

8. $91 groceries in Wisconsin

9. When you buy $87 worth of crap food in the USA

10. $70 shopping in Australia

11. ¥2,131 ($15.76) for shopping in Japan

12. $5.25 shopping in Baja California (Mexico)

13. $20 shopping in Venezuela

14. $69 shopping in Canada

15. 500$ of races in the USA

16. £20 shopping in London

$17.200 of groceries in Portland

18. $123 of groceries in Missouri

$19.64 shopping in New York

$20.37 shopping in San Francisco

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