Top 20 people who tell the truth and nothing but the truth

It is often said that not all the truths are good to tell, but there are people who have chosen to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, even if it means being too honest or disappointing everyone with their explanations. Generally, it doesn’t make anyone laugh, except in the posts we’re sharing with you today. You’ll see, it’ll make you want to piss everyone off with the real truth.

1. It’s true that they got a little carried away with the 2 coconuts

“Romeo and Juliet is not a love story. It’s a 3-day affair between a 13-year-old girl and a 17-year-old guy that results in 6 deaths. »

2. But God never penalized cannabis

“To say that a plant is illegal is to say that God was wrong in putting it on Earth.

_ Making a plant illegal is one of the first things God did…”

3. The smart guy

“In the 1990s, Steve Comisar, a Californian, advertised in national magazines selling ‘solar-powered clothes dryers’ for $50. Customers were then to receive a clothesline in the mail. »

4. My view of the world has just changed.

“Lights in video games use real electricity. »

5. Come on, change your hobby mountaineers

“Earth is the biggest rock that any of us will ever be able to stand on. So I never understood mountaineers. By standing on Earth, you have stood on the biggest rock there is. You have finished. You have reached the top. You don’t have to keep climbing on the other rocks. Useless. »

6. A genius

“I know all the phone numbers in the world.

_ No.

_ Yes, I just don’t know who they belong to. »

7. Sincere Doctor

“Do people often die during this operation?

_ No, just once. »

8. Yes, it’s a good telescope

Internet user: “How much does a good telescope cost?” »

Google: “2.5 billion dollars, like the Hubble telescope. »

9. In your opinion, is it going or not?

“I met a cute guy at the bar last night…I danced with him…he tells me he doesn’t have a girlfriend…we swap Snapchats…I look up his account on Facebook and…He doesn’t have a no girlfriend, he has a wife. »

10. Well yeah my con

Question: “People who don’t live in Canada, how do you view the average Canadian?” »

Answer: “Coming to Canada. »

11. Normal question, stupid answer (but true)

Question: “How do you know the age of a tree?” »

Answer: “If you know when it was planted, you can easily and accurately determine its age. »

12. The best store in the world

“If it’s in stock, then we have it! »

13. The bike, our best friend

Me: “What can I do to be healthier, doctor? »

Doctor: “Use a bicycle to deal with your fat. »

Me :

14. Easy Money

“Do you want to make money with your phone?

_ Yes how ?

_ Sell it. »

15. A good beginning of reflection

“The cars have windows and can move. The houses have windows and cannot move. So it’s not the windows that allow the car to move forward, it’s something else. »

16. Mdr the penis

“How does it feel to have a penis?

_ It’s hard sometimes. »

17. And you, what is your excuse?

“These huge companies were born in a garage, what’s your excuse?

_ I don’t have a garage. »

(These kind of LinkedIn posts suck, we can’t take it anymore.)

18. Interesting solution, moreover.

“We should just pin all the world debt on one guy and then kill him.

_ You have just invented Christianity. ”


Instructions: “Write a question using the word “why”.

Answer: “Why? »

20. This is too much for me.

“In reality it is the plants that cultivate us. They give us oxygen every day until we decompose and they can feed on us. »

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