Top 20 people who manage to fuck the system in style

“Rules are made to be broken” is a proverb that contradicts itself, which makes you want to pick up fragile objects such as plates and throw them against a hard surface such as a wall. However, it is with the greatest serenity in the world that we are going to show you people who have bent the rules with just the right amount of mischief and mischief.

1. Their condo trustee forbade them from displaying an LGBT flag for Gay Pride so they put up rainbow lights

2. The big one

“An old lady came to the bank where I work to withdraw $10. I told her that for withdrawals under $100 she had to use the ATM. So she asked to withdraw $1,000 in $10 bills. It pissed me off but I counted it and handed him the money. She took $10, gave me $990 and said “drop this”. »

3. He saw people feeding the ducks, so he pretended to be one.

4. They were banned from shorts at work, but not skirts.

5. Belarus bans the white-red-white flag associated with the camp of the Democrats, whose people have become creative

6. Czech fans were forced to remove their Ukrainian flag in support of Ukraine, so they found an alternative

7. They circumvented the ban on satellite dishes

8. Personally I would have given it 0/5

Instructions: “Write down six words you can spell”

Answer: “Six words you can spell”

9. The dog knows he’s not allowed to bring sticks inside.

10. He followed the instructions

“Using only food, tell us where you live”

11. The first degree that works well

“Write a question using why »

” Why ? »

12. It’s easier with a template

“Draw an object larger than a cat”

“Draw an object smaller than a tree”

13. World’s Best Idea

“If you have a stain on your t-shirt, go over the outline with a pen and give it a name. It will give the impression that you have visited a random island”

14. This restaurant is only allowed to sell beer to those who consume food, so it adapted

“1/4 tray of fries: $1”

“A single onion ring: $0.5”

“A fried pickle: $1”

“A ball of puffed cheese: $0.05”

15. How to get your child to take medicine

16. When someone tells you to go play outside

17. He’s not allowed to come on the couch

18. The teacher told them they were only allowed to bring a single-sided grade sheet to their exam.

He made a Moebius ring, so technically the instruction is respected.

19. When he’s 27 but you don’t have candles 2 and 7

20. Bet won

His girlfriend said she could write any insult on her calculator. He bet $50 that it was impossible.

It was possible.

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