Top 20 People Who Found Creepy Creepy Things In Their New Home

Discovering a home, because you have just bought it or simply because you are spending the holidays there, is always nice. A little exciting. New. Funny. But quickly, it can become hell. REAL HELL. Just ask those poor people who have made frightening discoveries! Even the most down-to-earth would have taken to their heels, that’s for sure.

1. A large bag labeled “corpse”

Well, finally… It was a Christmas tree. Very good valve M. The former tenant!

2. A prisoner ball in the basement

Well, after that, it goes aaaaa, there’s still the key and everything. It’s always nice to leave functional stuff for future tenants, isn’t it?

3. A collection of dismembered mannequins in the attic

Only one solution: to flee this hut. Quick. For all time.

4. This lovely Airbnb

Decorated with taste, elegance and refinement. I do not see the problem.

5. A prison cell under the stairwell

Harry Potter’s bedroom next door is Disneyland!

6. A grenade hanging from a beam

So much more original than an ordinary frame or a Christmas bauble of poor quality.

7. A pentagram under the carpet

A house bought, a haunted life offered. Dirty business.

8. This just scary doll

Already, the basics, the dolls don’t care, but this one… Brhhhh!

9. Anyway, this one…

I can’t even look at the photo.

10. Discovered by a guy named “Nick” in his girlfriend’s attic

Either, it’s been there for a long time, and it’s clearly creepy. Maybe, his girl makes incantations against him and in this case… Yeah, in any case, it really freaks out, in fact!!!

11. Teeth and crosses embedded in a switch

I hope so much that it is simply the work of a drunk guy who ate the wall… I hope, and yet, I deeply doubt this explanation…

12. Barely scary little garden decor

In a house rented for the holidays. Friendly advice: go on vacation elsewhere.

13. A Manual at the Peak of Racism

As creepy as it is sickening.

14. A tombstone under a house

Well at least this person knows the name of the ghost that lurks in his living room. It’s still more fun to type the discussion!

15. A snake in the refrigerator

One explanation: the previous tenants were wizards seeking to establish a magic potion based on snake scales. Horribly creepy.

16. Always in a jar: dentures

And to think that there’s a poor little grandpa who had to look for them for weeks and weeks… It’s almost unfortunate, this story.

17. Another cool poster in an Airbnb

I do not have the words.

18. A kind of voodoo doll (?) under the foliage of the garden

I don’t even understand how people have the strength to photograph this, to post it on the networks. If that happens to me, I’m just going to the other side of the globe praying that I haven’t received any bad spells, what.

19. A headless Santa in the basement

Accompanied, according to the description of the image, by “cat skeletons”. Well, perfect…

20. A Ouija board in the attic of a house

Say what you want, it was still really tidy. In its original box and everything! Clean, what.

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