Top 20 of the worst Black Friday promos, wouldn’t we be taken for noodles?

Good Black Friday deals usually make it one of the best times of the year to grab some bargains. But of course, if we say “usually”, it means that there are also times when everything does not go as planned. This is where unscrupulous merchants come into the picture who invent false promotions to deceive us and make us make a deal when we are being screwed in the great widths. A word of advice: always remember to scratch the labels to see what’s behind.

1. It’s all about a little lack of thickness on the label, it’s stupid

2. A bargain I tell you, A BARGAIN

3. The worst thing is that the guys don’t go with a dead hand in terms of price increases

4. Oh yeah, it was golden cereal the thing before?

5. But buy the best labels damn it, it’s not even a scam anymore, it’s an insult to the customer

6. They raised prices in September in anticipation of Black Friday, that’s smart

7. A saving of 0 dollars? Champagne.

8. Saving $1? Honey, pack your bags, we’re going on vacation

9. The price is just back to normal actually

10. The lamp went from 25 balls to 47 on Black Friday. It’s really worth it.

11. Maybe they just didn’t understand the concept of Black Friday after…

12. With 2 cents saved, you can do great things. Like sitting on your sofa thinking about the weight of existence.

13. The two TVs have not changed in price but they have gone into “black friday offer”

14. Let me marry this promo, she is so beautiful

15. Another good offer like that and I throw myself out the window that I wouldn’t even have opened beforehand.

16. Steal my wallet directly otherwise

17. This smiley that looks like it’s saying “so buddy, you got screwed huh?”

18. Didn’t the guy who applied the tags think something was wrong?

19. WOOOW my head is going to explode with happiness

20. Well fuck you traders actually

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