Top 20 of the funniest tweets about the gasoline shortage, it’s going into a spin

In the beginning, there was nothing: no shortage of fuel. People drove around in Clio 2s without worrying about where or when they needed to fill up on gas (but still caring about the state of their wallets). And then, everyone shouted at the shortage and people got up at 4am to fill jerry cans with SP95. This is where we are now.

1. Better than crying

2. Even creating a shortage of Chamonix people won’t buy this shit

4. They will resell it on leboncoin

5. Sexier than looking for mustard

6. They will laugh less when they see their electricity bill

7. Always have to persevere

8. He quickly changed line editorial

9. You have to know how to scheme

10. I would have robbed the gas station attendant

11. Sad But True

12. Let them go back to blocking the checkouts of convenience stores

13. Having to use gas to fill up is crazy

14. Walk home from the station buddy

15. A Dignified Reaction

16. They are in distress

17. Like the people who lined up at the supermarket during confinement to buy ONE thing

18. You’ll have to learn to walk

19. Everything goes down the drain.

20. I’d rather walk than go to Provins

Hoping that the cars will soon be running on pigeon droppings, we wish you a wonderful day.

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