Top 20 of the biggest DIY failures, it does not matter

Knowing how to do small jobs at home saves money and increases your charisma by 90%. But when you’re not a handyman, it’s sometimes better to refrain from hammering nails, applying plaster or repainting your room: things can go wrong. The proof with these big do-it-yourself failures that made me personally give up my lunch (the one from a week ago, in addition).

1. The person who fixed these handles must not have been a big maniac

2. They thought it was a good idea to place the lamp above the false ceiling

3. This little afternoon painting that turns into a crime scene

4. Someone crashed their car and then tried to hide it with paint.

5. Weird that this ceiling light doesn’t turn on…

6. A cat + a can of paint + an automatic vacuum cleaner = carnage

7. This tin roof was installed to perfection

8. Don’t give a fuck about this puzzle piece, we paint over it

9. This is super practical

10. Not totally ready for the heat wave

11. The downstairs neighbors got a bit intrusive during their work

12. Install a slide that connects the sink to the toilet, that’s a good idea

13. Just don’t have a pot that’s too high

14. The angry duck who decided to ruin your work because you ate foie gras last Christmas

15. A pretty little bucolic waterfall

16. His father forgot to tell him that the renovation of the stairs was starting today.

17. The downstairs neighbor has a new chandelier, and you have a new trap in your house

18. A beautiful installation to prepare good meals

19. This bathroom is absolutely beautiful

20. Running out of paint when there’s only one corner left is infuriating.

Well, I don’t feel you are satisfied, so here are some work failures that made me sick.

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