Top 20 of the best tweets on Twilight, the best saga to watch at Christmas

It’s almost the end of the year holidays and you don’t know what to do with your life because you’ve already bought all your Christmas presents and watched all the TMC Christmas movies? Don’t panic, we have what you need to keep you waiting until December 24 while putting you in the mood for mulled wine, garlands and the smell of fir. A good Twilight marathon and it rolls. Yes, yes, you read that right. Because this saga is clearly the best thing to watch for Christmas and everything you need to decompress before family meals. The proof in tweets.

1. What is Hitchcock going to do?

2. We don’t congratulate him

4. Just why??

5. Sorry Jacob’s abs

6. We don’t judge

9. I forced my boyfriend to watch the whole Twilight saga with me this weekend.

10. Too Mysterious Enfaitch

11. Best ref

12. I’m going to redo the integral of Twilight to take care of myself (free psy session)

13. It’s time to add your Edward and Bella Christmas decoration to your tree

14. Norms

15. No one is spared

16. She said the thermal baths

17. “I know what you are”, Twilight – 2008

18. He gets drunk too

19. Baby, I already told you, no Twilight soundtrack songs in our sex playlist, you know that’s gonna piss me off.

20. We burned it…

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