Top 20 of the best tweets on cuddly toys, this yucky object that we love so much

I do not know if I have already told you but “the children are formidaaaaaaaaaables”. And when we talk about children we also often talk about cuddly toys. And when we talk about doudou we sometimes also often talk about adults like you and me. Yes, because even as adults we have preserved something infantile like that kind of filthy piece of tissue suckled. If, if it’s filthy. You showed it to us with the photos of the worst soft toys. In short, we continue here our quest to question the blanket with the best tweets, those who could have been presidents of the republic.

1. The small intentions of the hotel service

2. The whole adult world is upset

3. Sacrilege

4. On the other hand, there is an exemption for people who have a blanket AND who say “the Covid”

5. When you love your blanket more than your bank account

6. The threats are real

7. Science has not yet commented on this subject

8. Hasta la vista

9. Privacy ++

10. Thank you, we will add it to the list of the worst cuddly toys of humanity.

11. The heart has its reasons that reason ignores

12. Better prepare from an early age

13. Justified

14. What if we assume?

15. Absolute lack of inventiveness

Luckily, there are also a bunch of worst names for cuddly toys out there.

16. Wicked

17. You will have to be patient

18. The miscalculation

20. The thing is an orphan disease all by itself

Do you also like to suck on dirty tissue?

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